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Defining yourself and living makes you lose the whole thing of living.

 For example, if a musician is conscious of playing, it will not be music. For music to be music, it is an obstacle to have a human-like awkward consciousness there. It is rough to say that wonderful music itself flows. This is what we can say about living. To live is not to analyze but to live itself.

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Philosophical Consideration about Sound and Music

First of all, the essence of the word is the voice.

The essence of voice is to be heard. Voices are made by listening.

On the other hand, it is sound that is not heard.

There is a problem that Berklee, a philosopher of an Irish religionist, had been thinking for a long time.

The tree that fell in the forest is a problem of whether it sounded.

The answer is “There was no sound”.

In short, unless you hear a sound, it is not a sound. It is merely sound waves or vibration of air.

If there were no people to listen to, it is no longer a sound.

In other words, music that is not heard has no meaning. It is not meaningful, it does not even sound, much less music.

New Album “Sketches of Barcelona”

Sketches of Barcelona

by Yasuharu Nagura



Yasuharu Nagura has written and recorded the 3rd studio album entitled “Sketches of Barcelona” that is released on December 1, 2017.


releases December 1, 2017

Written, performed, and recorded by Yasuharu Nagura

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