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“Tranquil Restration in Thailand” (2018)


Reprinting from Yasuharu Nagura

Album: Tranquil Restration in Thailand Year: 2018
Genre: Electronic/Dance
Country: Japan
1. Excursion by Tuk Tuk(0:00)
2. Elephant Intoxication(3:36)
3. Beyond the Squall in Patong(7:21)
4. Phuket Night (10:42)

5. Mythology of Buddhism (13:58)


A claim of copyright infringement and report on the withdrawal of the appeal

Below from YouTube team

After confirming your dispute, APM Music has concluded that we will withdraw the allegation of copyright infringement on YouTube video.

Movie title: “Yasuharu Nagura -” Siera “(From” Portrait in A.I. “)”

Movie title: “Yasuharu Nagura -” Sierra “”

Movie title: “Yasuharu Nagura -” Tribal Sonar “(from” Momentary Incursions) ”

Movie title: “Yasuharu Nagura -” Tribal Sonar “”

p.s. The company capitulated without a struggle.