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Pursuing uniqueness and originality


There are many artists in the world and there are many songs. Among them, in order for artists to be selected / listeners, you have to be careful not to get buried in them. You have to make it clear and distinguish it from others, as you choose from a myriad of artists and songs.

In conveying artists and songs, it may be said that they can not be transmitted unless it is possible to simply describe what is the point. If the originality can not be clarified, the word of mouth will not spread. Even in business, it is necessary to be easy to handle in order for people involved in work to move. So it is necessary to have an easy-to-understand “betting of music content and personality” rather than just vaguely “You have power, you have good character, and you are selling well”. If you verbalize here properly, there will be no blur and it will be easy to communicate outside.

However, this originality is not invariable. The artist also adjusts the span according to the situation and the external environment change.

What I often do in the field is to analyze the originality of the currently popular artists. Let’s study the strangeness of the interplay, breaking it down into elements such as artist’s music content, personality and image. It should surely be useful when developing works with new originality.


How to spread abroad


The Internet is connected to the whole world. However, unfortunately, in Japan, I still feel that the benefits of globality are not often used.

Many artists have the ambition to ultimately want to be active in the world.

But in order to make it happen, it must be known in the world. To put it the other way around, increasing awareness in the world means that opportunities for overseas activities are greatly expanded.

However, before the advent of the Internet, delivering information overseas was a daunting skill. Even if there was a connection with overseas media, the space for publishing was limited, and it was almost impossible to publish unless there was much topicality.

But, now is the age of the Internet. If you look at the sites of the world, there are many sites that handle music information. At the same time, it is also segmented by genre, so you can choose the media according to the musicality and user target.

So how do you approach it? This is not really difficult. When publishing information, it will be the key to success to put together an easy-to-understand catch and information about what kind of music it is. Of course, translation into the language of each country is necessary, but it is easier to transmit simple words that appeal to emotions than using difficult grammar.

Social media is not an end but a means.


There are things that you can and can not do with social media marketing. There will be more artists working on social media marketing in the future. That said, no one needs to work on social marketing. There are artists who are compatible with social media and those who are not. If you do social media marketing, understanding and practicing that social media is not a magic wand has the potential to deliver great results when you see it over the medium and long term. You are

However, one thing to remember is that social media marketing is not an end but a means. The purpose is to increase the number of “likes” on the Facebook page to 10,000. What did you do by increasing the number of “likes” on the Facebook page to 10,000?

The same is true for the number of PV plays. You must be careful not to fall into the purpose of the means.

Think about social media marketing


First, consider the difference between social media marketing and mass marketing and online advertising. If social media marketing is compared to rice cultivation, it is suitable for “growing” and “rice planting”. In other words, mass marketing and online advertising are good for “harvest”. In other words, mass marketing and net advertising “make today’s sales”, and social media marketing is “make tomorrow’s sales”.

The important thing is to understand the difference in roles. If you do something like mass marketing, it will fail on social media. You should not be confused because the measures, methods, and tools are different. Each one is different. That is why it is important to be aware that each role is shared.

Social media is the place where consumers are the leading role.

So how do artists, record companies, etc. in their social media do marketing? First of all, “one-way information transmission” is NG. It appears prominently even if it sends out content information one by one. What you don’t like in the real world is hated in social media as well. And that is the same not only for artists and record companies, but also for users. Just as there is a law in the real world, a law also exists in social media. You may not understand this sense, but it is also the difference between “I know” and “I use” mentioned at the beginning. (Even if you use it, you may be distributing information with mass media idea).

The key to marketing with social media is to take a closer look at the consumer, to get close and engage with them. In other words, it can be considered as a good place to use as a place to create long-term relationships and engagement with users. Social media marketing tends to look at sales and awareness in the short term, but in fact it is important in social media marketing to create the trust that is nurtured and nurtured over time.

As social media marketing is a consumer-oriented place, it will require more different communication than traditional mass-marketing approaches.

By the way, social media is a place to deepen engagement with consumers, but social media is a place to deepen engagement with consumers, but when trying to carry out something promotion or information using that social media What we expect is the propagation of word of mouth. But this word of mouth is not really one.

What is a social graph?

communication-instagram-lg-35177.jpgNow, we are explosively increasing in the amount of information, and we are in a state of excessive information because we can not know the information. Most of the information is noise and through information for consumers.

So who would you like to hear? Will it arrive? Will you be interested? That is the recommendation of your trusted friend, acquaintance, and word of mouth. Many people are not interested in keeping “too much” information around them. Among them, what is enough to have an interest or interest is the connection between people whom you trust (friends, acquaintances), that is human relationships. The one that visualizes your relationship diagram on the web is called “social graph”. There is great value in social media.

The first value of social graph in social media is the ability to visualize one’s own relationships. Until now, it was not possible to visualize human relationships. There was a truly realistic word of mouth that was not visible. With the development of social media, it became possible to see the “words” that would disappear if they were emitted, and also whether “who” went or “connected with whom”.

The second is that the words of your trustee flow as information on social media.

Social media is a place where people are connected, “shared” with each other, and raised their voices, instead of being exposed to information that flows in a single direction like mass media. “from whom” you got information It is worthwhile to choose what to acquire. That, “from whom” is very important.

In the space of social media, a world of its own exists. It is a world of its own where nobody is involved. Content that makes up the world is content, but it is the friends and acquaintances that you trust to carry it, and social graphs that connect it.

The era of traditional “search” was “the era when you find it difficult to find information”. However, social media is changing the times. It is “the time when information comes to find you”.

So what kind of user behavior will this social media era be like? It starts with the presence of a sense of purpose. There is not much clear sense of purpose for spending time on social media. We are more interested in what our social graph friends and acquaintances are doing.

The value of social media is that information flows from people you trust. Friends and acquaintances can deliver important news for you, or even important news from around the world.

Also, many people are watching Twitter and Facebook every day. People who scroll the screen do not have a clear purpose. They are watching the status and tweets of their friends and acquaintances.

And there is information that comes from your social graph. The important thing here is to encounter information “accidentally” from where there was no sense of purpose or interest, and interest is born. Why does it happen? That’s because the information is for you, not noise. It is because it is a word with the thought of a trusted friend.

Look at the information of a reliable friend. Let’s listen. Since it was good, we will RT (retweet). Share. That spreads to your own social graph, and the chain goes around, propagates to another person, and propagates through social media.

No matter how much more social media will become more popular, “search” will not be lost. That’s because it is necessary for actions with a sense of purpose not to disappear. It does not emphasize too much information from “only” social media, but it only works in a balanced way.

Energy that enthusiasm wanders the other

スクリーンショット 2019-04-24 18.14.44.png

Even if you don’t have money or connections, deepening human relationships will lead you someday.

It’s your enthusiasm to be a stronger ally to market your label and work that you have created yourself. If you have scarce funds and do not know how, you may say that only enthusiasm remains.

The enthusiasm motivates oneself and has the power to overcome high walls. If you have a strong conviction and passion that you want to put the music you made into the world and want to express yourself in the music, your motivation will be enhanced, your confidence will be enhanced, and it will be communicated to the other party.

When meeting the people in charge of the existing label, it is important to express the love you have for your music. Even if you don’t have the money, you don’t have to have business connections. The other party also likes music, so you should be able to stand and talk on the same floor.

You may receive various questions from the other person, but at that time it is about answering honestly, without looking good. For example, you may be asked about the number of performances and the number of mobilizations, but  it is the stupidity that you can listen to the number of live you have never done before. Some exaggeration may be necessary to attract the other’s interest, but if a lie lies later, the credit will fall off and it will not be a deal.

Because the industry is narrow, rumors such as “I can’t trust that indie label” quickly spread, and you can’t sell to other existing labels. Rather than giving an overturned answer or giving an over-expression to show you well, what you don’t know is to say “don’t know” and to convey that clearly if you do not have a track record such as live. You can just throw away the ridiculous pride and honestly talk about your own music or how you want to develop your label in the future.

For example, if you hide the lack of sales results, and appeal only the “merits” part, the other party will not be convinced, and the skin of the ghost will come off immediately even if the description is fine. The other person is sensitive to whether the person being marketed is talking seriously. The other party feels “OK” when it shows that they are serious about working on the music business.

If the person in charge of the other party feels that “I hear something merits, but I can not understand something,” the deal will not be complete.

The enthusiasm of the selling side and the way of explanation strike the other’s mind. Ofcourse, you should be passionate about making music, and these negotiations are commonplace. Rather, it can be said that every day is a series of negotiations.

Since business is something that people do, we need to value the relationship between people. Be sidelined with ad hoc liars and start trading always get hurt somewhere.
Business consists entirely of “trust” between people and is based on the principles of good faith, honesty, and trust. In the end, know that there is no way to make your business a success except to talk about the facts.

How a computer works

patrick-lindenberg-191841-unsplash.jpg I will explain the basic structure of a computer.

 Today’s computers are made up of three components.

 It is “CPU”, “memory”, “I / O”.

 A computer consists of three parts: a central processing unit, a CPU for short, a main device called a memory, and I / O for input and output.

 Connecting these is called a bus or main bus.

 Connect to a keyboard or display through I / O, read information input from I / O by CPU, write information into memory as appropriate and read contents of memory, and display through I / O to do.

 This is the basic mechanism of computers, and these types of computers are called “Neumann computers”.

 The computers used in the world today are usually all Neumann computers.

 The so-called Neumann type is derived from the name of the first mathematician, Von Neumann, who has been the first computer theorist in history.

How the Internet Works


Now, as usual, we collect information on the Internet and write a recent report on Facebook, but it has only been about 20 years since we were able to do this.

Let’s explain how a convenient network works so easily, and how it works.

First, the computer is not connected to the network. This is called standalone. It sounds lonely.

Another computer came here, and a network was first created to communicate one-on-one. This is called peer-to-peer. Peer has the meaning of a colleague, a friend. It is an equal translation.

However, when the number of computers increases and you try to communicate with multiple computers, peer-to-peer alone can reveal the limit. Therefore, it divided the role of computer into client (user) and server (service person) and decided to use one powerful server from multiple computers at the same time. This is a client / server network.

In addition, as computers have grown, networks and networks have become interconnected. It will connect computers around the world like a web. That’s the Internet.

In the Internet, data is transmitted by multiple routes. The data is relayed and sent to various servers regardless of which server it passes through.

For example, when you try to access “” from your home computer, you will first access a machine called your router at home via your computer, WiFi (LAN) or LAN cable.

A router connects to the provider’s server you contracted through optical and other digital lines. First of all, ask “Where is” A string like “” that you enter in the browser’s address field is a name called “domain name.” This is the name of a computer somewhere in the world. However, the name does not know where on the Internet the computer is actually located, so first ask “Where does this domain point?”. Every provider has a server for domain queries. It is called DNS (domain, network, server).

However, since various people connect and disconnect from the new computer every day on the Internet, the DNS of the contracted provider does not necessarily know “”. In that case, the DNS asks other DNSs “Do you know this domain?”

If a place is found successfully, four numbers will be returned. These four numbers are called “IP address”. An IP address is a specific address of a computer. IP stands for “Internet Protocol” and is a number that indicates only one place in the world.

Once you know this number, you can send any information you like. Information is sent in chunks called “packets”. If you specify the IP address acquired earlier in this “packet” as the “destination” and pass it to the server, it will be delivered to the target computer using the bucket brigade method.

Even when searching casually, so much movement is happening. It may be a bit surprising.

What is a programming language?


Calling in one programming language can be written in another programming language. But some programming languages are not good at it, and one programming language can be very complicated in writing, but it can be quite easy in another programming language. In addition, there are various writing styles, styles and techniques in programming languages, and each has their own strengths and weaknesses. Today’s popular programming languages and their simple features are as follows.

Machine language (machine language)
The only programming language that computers directly understand. As it is difficult and difficult to learn, it is common to translate (compile) objects programmed using C language etc. into machine language.

C language
It is fast and works on most computers. A universal language used from game programming to OS description. However, since the design is old, when writing complicated programs, it is inferior to other languages ​​such as C ++.

C ++
A programming language that extends object language based on C language. Program reusability is higher than C language alone and cooperation is very high. However, many disadvantages of C are dragged as they are, so they are still for advanced users. Many applications for Windows and game software are written in C ++.

C #
A language in which Microsoft has improved its shortcomings based on C ++. It is very descriptive and easy to maintain, but it has the disadvantage that its usable environment is limited. Recently, it has been widely used for game programming.

A general-purpose programming language that covers small terminals managed by Sun Microsystems and large servers. They specialize in programming for web services and mobile devices. Now that Oracle has acquired Sun Microsystems, Oracle owns. Apps for Android devices can only be developed with Java.

Objective – C
A derivative form different from C ++ that incorporates objective orientation based on the C language. It is strongly influenced by the language Smalltalk. It did not see the lift of day for a long time, but in the hit of the iphone, it was in the spotlight. Objective – C is used when developing apps for Mac and iOS.

Obejective-C is highly efficient in programming development, but it was developed by Apple to eliminate the drawback of being slower than C ++. A programming language just announced in 2014. Development for iOS is going to move to this in the future.

Pure function language. It has a number of very unique features. In some cases, parts of a web service may be implemented in Haskell.

Script language dedicated to Web service description. Anyway, while it is easy to write Web services, it has the disadvantage that programming is likely to be complicated. It is widely used all over the world, but the famous one is Facebook.

General-purpose script language developed by Japanese Yukihiro Matsumoto. A big break with the framework “Ruby on Rails” developed by David Haymail Hanson of 37 signals, a Dutch venture company. Ruby programmers talked about getting the highest pay in Silicon Valley. It is used by many web services including Twitter.

It was originally a simple scripting language for Unix, but it was diversified at the beginning of the Web as a programming language for describing Web services. There are still strong users, and they are active in web services with a rush.

One of the oldest programming languages ​​in the world. It is a language specialized in scientific computing and is good at handling mathematical formulas. The name comes from converting the formula (Fourmula) into a programming language (Translator). Developed by IBM, it is still used to program supercomputers. A language that strongly influenced C language.

The old programming language next to FORTRAN. The name comes from the List Processor, a language that specializes in dealing with the soul of data called “lists”. Developed by Professor John McCarthy of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). It is characterized by extremely flexible programming, and there are still many enthusiasts. The idea of ​​functional language was also born in LISP. JavaScript, Ruby, etc. are languages ​​that were born under the influence of LISP.

The name is derived from COMMon Business Oriented Language, which stands for Common Document Processing Language, and is a programming language developed under the direction of the US Department of Defense. It may be used for the bank’s backbone system.

A programming language developed by Alan Kay who was at the Palo Alto Research Center in Zerox. This programming language is the first programming language that incorporates the concept of “differential programming,” in which components that are almost complete are prepared, and that only the necessary functions are written out, rather than programming from scratch. Called, and inspired many later programming languages. In particular, Objective-C is often mentioned because it adds the Smalltalk object-oriented functionality to C.

Hyper Text Markup Language is used to describe Web pages. It is called to mark up the text with a symbol called “tag”. Web browsers interpret only HTML. JavaScript is embedded as a tag in HTMl.

Stands for Cascading Styling, which determines the look of a web page. A language used as part of HTML.

Stands for Standard Query Language, which is used to interact with the database. This language is frequently used when creating web services.

OpenGL stands for Shading Language. This language is used when using graphic chips (GPU) directly in game software and graphic software. Recently, it is sometimes used for GPU computing to solve general problems with GLSL as well as graphics.

In this way, programming languages have a history of evolving as they interact with each other and seek out areas of expertise.

Learning a new programming language is the same as learning new ideas. And since programming languages are very easy to learn, unlike natural language foreign languages like English and French, programmers are usually learning multiple languages.