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Internet distribution, sale by mail order

sergey-zolkin-192937-unsplash.jpgHow to sell via internet distribution or mail order

Mail-order and download sales using the Internet are growing rapidly, and are the sales methods that major vendors are watching. However, at this stage there are not many places that have been successful. In the music industry, we anticipate that the market share will increase in the future, but it is likely to take a long time.

Net mail order and net delivery are basically different. Internet mail order is a so-called mail order, launching a home page, it is a sales method to deliver CD directly if there is an order. Internet distribution lets you download the sound source from your computer. In the future, Internet distribution has the potential to make a major return to music distribution, so it is good to adopt such a sales form.

However, even if you open the home page individually, the number of accesses is limited. It is necessary to set up a lot of items of sound source that can be provided by recruiting friends and collaborating with the place that is doing the online mail order and distribution in advance. Also, in order to get access many times, it is the point to replace the songs one after another.

For current young listeners, there is a tendency to find and buy the song recommended by a friend by chance at a record store, although Internet mail order is certainly useful, but it seems that it will take a little more time for the internet business to become established regarding music.


There is no failure

marc-liu-255460-unsplash  There is no such thing as failure. Every action has an outcome. When we try to do something, if we take action, it will always produce some kind of result. It may be different from the expected result, but it will be the result. Yes, you never fail. There are too many people who do not even take action because of the fear of failure. This is especially true if you start your own business independently. The question “What should I do if I fail” comes to mind first. But this is understandable. Most of us think with such thinking patterns. 

 Most successful entrepreneurs face many challenges along the way, if not all. But they see those difficulties as just a temporary setback. On the other hand, people who have nothing to do with success regard similar difficulties as failure. And those who have nothing to do with success think of similar difficulties as failure. And give up before you have a chance of success. The chances of success will be greater if you rethink what is called “fault” and look at it in its original form – a temporary setback or a valuable experienceEven if it is different from the expected result, don’t think of it as a failure.