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Living a Creative Life


Living a creative life, to put it another way, is to discover one’s individuality.

Finding individuality is easy to say but hard to do.

Especially in my country, where people always have to pay attention to their surroundings, they tend to lose their individuality.

If you think too much about adapting it to an existing system, you will fail.


About Creativity


Creativity seems to be particularly appreciated these days.

Since I was born in this world, I want to create something new.

However, “creating” does not mean merely inventing or discovering, or creating great works of art.

Isn’t it the creation to search for a way of life in my way?

In other words, our life itself is a creative process.

Attractive Web Design ③

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Hideout Records

 Contextual elements encourage but do not guarantee, a return visit. Whether you can return to the site depends on the content.

Content must be interesting, useful, and constantly changing.

Several types of content attract newcomers and make it easier for them to come back.

(1) Information is deep and links to related sites

(2) There is always interesting new news

(3) There are always new free offers to visitors

(4) Contest and verification

(5) Humor and jokes

(6) Game

Attractive Web Design ②

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Hideout Records

 Site visitors judge a site’s performance based on ease of use and physical appeal.

 Ease of use can be broken down into three attributes:

(1) fast download speed

(2) easy-to-understand top page

(3) easy to find navigation to other pages and quick opening

Physical attraction is determined by the following factors.

(1) Individual pages should look neat and should not be overfilled with content

(2) Typeface and font size are easy to read

(3) Being good at using colors (and sounds)

Attractive Website Design ①

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Hideout Records

 All companies should consider and evaluate e-marketing and electronic purchasing opportunities. The main challenge is to design a compelling site that will appeal to your audience with a first impression and will be visited repeatedly.

An effective website has seven design elements.

· Context

– layout and design

· Contents

– images, sounds, and videos to be included on the site

· Community

– How is communication between users possible?

· Customization

– Is the site automatically tailored to each user, or is the user able to personalize the site?

· Communication

– Is it possible to communicate from site to user, from user to site, or in both directions?

· Connection

– How much the Connection site links to other sites.

· Commerce

– Is it possible to conduct commercial transactions?

To encourage a return visit, we must pay particular attention to the context and content, and further satisfy the element of changing to another “C”, Constant (Constant).

3 ways of thinking about life planning


Why don’t you think from these three perspectives when designing your life?

● What do you want to do?

What do you want to do most? It is necessary to think carefully about this. If you have something to do, it’s the happiest thing to do. Also, because of that, we can do our best without any effort.

● What is right for me?

It is also important to accurately judge your ability aptitude and think in what direction in the future you can maximize your ability. There is nothing more painful and unfortunate than doing something that is not for you. Therefore, it is important to think about what is the best way to utilize yourself.

● What should I do?

What is the most sought after society today? It is also necessary to think about it. Anticipating the needs of the times can create new business opportunities. Also, parents’ hopes cannot be ignored. In some cases, you may have to take over the work of your home.

All of these three ideas are important. An idealistic person might only think about the third, but it’s common that if you go after what you’re interested in, it will benefit you as well.

What does “productive” mean?


● Some human things are productive and some are not.

● Productive is something that creates some value.

For example …

● Agricultural, industrial, transportation, and service industries are all productive. You can’t make money without creating some value.

● Creative things such as inventions and discoveries. It can also make a huge leap forward in society. Or, even with a little ingenuity, discoveries and inventions that make everyday fun are still productive.

● To help people such as volunteers. We can try to make everyone feel comfortable. Of course, connecting to the happiness of people is a productive act.

When trying to do something, it may be important to check whether it is productive or unproductive.

Social Media : Instagram

Instagram, which is spreading more and more mainly among young women, is focused on photography, and since the text is not emphasized, it is a good management point that it does not burn easily.

If you’re starting now, I think Instagram has a chance. Since Instagram is a service acquired by Facebook, it is also recommended that it is easy to link with Facebook.

Many companies have accounts, there are few troublesome people, and it is good that malicious intent is hard to enter.

I think it is a safe and effective good tool. It is also a feature that Instagram does not often demand “immediate response” required by Twitter etc…

Let’s aim for spread by making full use of stylish photos and # (hashtag).



Japanese market


Population projections in Japan (1950-2100)

 Japan’s population is already declining.

The number of people who exceeded 120 million was exceeded in 1984, but by 2005 it had already decreased slightly. The declining birthrate and aging population are advancing rapidly.

Although more than 2 million were born in 1973, the number of births in 2014 was 1 million, which is about half.

The population of junior high and high school students, who had been the central target of the music business, is still ahead. It has been confirmed that it will continue to decline for a few decades.

This is not without affecting the music business.

However, you should take a good look at the Japanese market. Despite the shrinking population, the Japanese market is attractive.

Even if we think of it as a language-speaking area, it is the current situation that English, Spanish, and Chinese are next to the Japanese-speaking area. I have the feeling that doing music business in Japan today is like doing a Japanese restaurant in Kyoto.

The high quality accepted by Japanese users should have the potential to be accepted worldwide.


Population projection in Japan (1950 – 2020)

Growing Asian Market


Countries Ordered by Population in 2020

 The economic power of emerging countries in Asia is rising. It was in 2010 that China surpassed Japan’s GDP to become second in the world. ASEAN countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam have grown their economies, and the volume of people who spend money on hobbies called “the middle class” is increasing.

North America and Europe can be marketed, and it is known that South American countries also have many Japanese music fans. India and African countries may take time, but there are business opportunities around the world.

If you are involved in the music business from now on, there will be no shipment that only looks at the Japanese market. From the beginning, you should consider planning with multiple markets in mind, such as Japan + ASEAN or Japan + North America.

Let’s have a clear position of ourselves in conducting a music business based on a sophisticated mature market.


Countries Ordered by Populatin in 2020