Attractive Website Design ①

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Hideout Records

 All companies should consider and evaluate e-marketing and electronic purchasing opportunities. The main challenge is to design a compelling site that will appeal to your audience with a first impression and will be visited repeatedly.

An effective website has seven design elements.

· Context

– layout and design

· Contents

– images, sounds, and videos to be included on the site

· Community

– How is communication between users possible?

· Customization

– Is the site automatically tailored to each user, or is the user able to personalize the site?

· Communication

– Is it possible to communicate from site to user, from user to site, or in both directions?

· Connection

– How much the Connection site links to other sites.

· Commerce

– Is it possible to conduct commercial transactions?

To encourage a return visit, we must pay particular attention to the context and content, and further satisfy the element of changing to another “C”, Constant (Constant).