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Being productive


Here, the word productive does not refer to the ability of a painter or scientist to create something new or original, as in the case of being creative.

Also, it does not refer to the product of activeness, but the attributes of active life. Even pictures and scientific papers may be unproductive, or barren.

On the other hand, people who are deeply aware of themselves, or who not only look at a tree, but also who see it, or read poetry, experience the emotional movements expressed by the poet in their own words.

The process that is going on in a person, the process that produces nothing, can be very productive.

It is not necessarily tied to the creation of works of art, scientific creation, or creation of something useful.

Productive people animate everything they touch. They create their abilities and give life to other people and things.


Being active


Being active does not mean busy external activity, but an internal activity that makes one’s human power productive.

Being active means expressing one’s abilities and talents, and the abundant human genius that is given to all humans to varying degrees.

It means renewing yourself, growing up, overflowing, loving, transcending the prison of an isolated ego, being interested, and giving.

However, none of these experiences can be fully described in words.

It cannot be described in words and can only be communicated by sharing experiences.

Being active is a living, productive thinking.

What you can and cannot describe


Things are fixed and can be described.

Experience cannot be described in principle.

All we can describe is our persona (a mask worn by each person, an ego to be shown to others). Originally this persona is a thing.

Living humans, by contrast, are not dead figures and cannot be described as things.

Living humans cannot be described at all.

Monochrome Photography


Yasuharu Nagura |『Seascape』Guam

Monochrome photographs show the composition captured by the photographer and emphasize the contrast, tone, and pattern.

This gives a more vivid impression of the one-turn reality captured by the photographer.

Previously, youu had to load monochrome film into your camera, but digital photography is easy because you can convert the color images you take with your computer.

Many cameras also have a monochrome mode, so you can set it to shoot.

This is practical but not the best quality.

p.s.  The photograph was taken on January 2, 2016

Functionalism and Organic Architecture


Antoni Gaudí i Cornet [Sagrada Família]|1883 − | Barcelona  photo : Yasuharu Nagura

The 20th-century architecture, which shows an extremely diverse richness both technically and in terms of modeling, is divided into two: intellectual and rationalist functionalism architecture, and sensory and expressionist organic architecture.

Functional architecture has a very modern character in that it is connected with the possibility of mass production by standardization and fabrication (manufacturing of assembled house parts) as well as rational form, but there are mechanical. Some things make you feel cold.

On the other hand, the trend of seeking more sensory and human architecture is called organic architecture.

German expressionist architecture after the First World War and Antonio Gaudi, a unique Spanish architect with a rich, end-of-the-century feel, can enter the tide in a broad sense.

Photographic Art “Pictorialism”


Yasuharu Nagura『Kinkaku-Ji』(2020)

 From the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century, photographic art called “pictorialism” spreads from London to continental cities such as Paris and New America.

Although it reflected the movements in Japan, it showed unique developments different from those of the continent and formed the mother body of the 20th-century photographic art innovation movement.

 This work was influenced by that idea.

Amish and Music

Sample-text The Ausbund

 The Ausbund is a collection of hymns written by Amish with only the lyrics.  Persecution of the Anabaptist has been clarified.

 Written a lot by the Anabbapt who was persecuted in the 16th century.

 It was first published in 1564, centered on a collection of 51 hymns written by the Swiss Anabaptist. After that, it became a collection of 140 songs.

 Mennonite is no longer using Ausbund.

 In worship, the lyrics are memorized, unaccompanied, and sung in unison. The selected conductor on the spot takes the lead.


Amish Hymn Singing by Jan Drexler


External and internal success


The question is whether or not you succeed internally. And that inner success can be achieved without external success.

It has to be applied to everyone’s life, and only for its entire life.

Because, in the sense that success is nothing more than external success, everyone’s life ultimately ends up in a sense unsuccessful.

Whatever external successes, outcomes, or biological and sociological outcomes you see in the outside world, do not guarantee that you will live long or live forever.

Internal success, on the other hand, is the meaning of life and the realization of it internally.