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How to write a blog


As I advise you,

① Write with a proper awareness of the reader, not self-satisfaction.

② There is no rule in the blog that this must be done.

③ Basically, “write what you like as you like”.

However, if you want to get some support or criticism from the public for good or bad, it is to write with the reader in mind and recognize that they will read.

And above all, it’s fine to update little by little and continue anyway.

Continuation is power.


About the blog



A blog has the meaning of extending an individual’s home page, but on the other hand, it has the important mission of transmitting small content to a wide variety of people.

And since bloggers have to take responsibility for their opinions, they can’t write anything foolish. That’s where an anonymous comment is different.

If you write something foolish, everyone won’t let you survive. In order to survive, you must study properly and argue or fix it.

Bloggers cannot survive unless written responsibly. Now that we have the world of blogging, anyone can easily argue. This is the media revolution.

The mass media also had to take a more serious attitude in reporting and reporting. In other words, falsification, falsehood, expanded interpretation, simple mistakes, etc. will be gradually reduced from the mass media.

Therefore, it can be said that the blog is becoming an environment that transforms into a healthier mass media.

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About Japan’s Go to Travel campaign


As of 0:00, July 22, 26,303 cases have been confirmed in Japan

Go to Travel. I feel awkward in English grammar.

When using go, “go on a trip” would be a natural expression. And why is it imperative?

It will be a policy to make the coronavirus epidemic using our tax of 1.7 trillion yen.


Everything you need to know Japan’s Go to Travel campaign

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) situation within and outside the country


Taiwanese Music in Martial Law


Taiwan Ministry of Martial Law

Martial Law was laid in Taiwan on May 20, 1949. It is the beginning of 38 years of martial law. The Security Command has established various regulations to ban unauthorized gatherings, associations, demonstrations, and strikes to ensure stable Taiwan rule.

There are various reasons why popular songs are banned during martial law. “Too much left-wing” is not communist advertising, so it’s not possible. It’s not possible because “too erotic” is also decadent.

It was not possible. The lyrics were “dim” because the people were treated the same. According to government statistics, more than 3,000 songs did not pass the screening, and nearly 1,000 were prohibited from playing in public.



Taiwanese music under Japanese rule

Wen Ye Jian – Formosan Dance

 The period of Japanese rule of Taiwan refers to approximately fifty years during which time Taiwan was governed by Japan as a colony from April 17, 1895, when the Qing dynasty ceded Taiwan to Imperial Japan due to the defeat of the Sino- Japanese War to Octover 25, 1945, then Taiwan was put under the rule of the Republic of China.

The school’s music process at that time was centered around Western modern music, and Japanese songs were also incorporated. With this education, Taiwanese musicians began to stand out.

For example, Wen Ye Jian (1910-1983)’s “Formosan Dance” won the International Music Competition in 1936 and earned its name overseas.


江文也 – 台灣舞曲 (Formosan Dance)



Photography『Yotsuya no Senmaida, Japan』(2020)

The 20th century can be said to be an era in which unprecedented environmental destruction has advanced due to excessive production/consumption and chaotic development.

It has been reported that the burning of fossil fuels such as oil and coal causes forests to die due to acid rain all over the world.

Besides, carbon dioxide contained in exhaust gas from automobiles covers the Earth and does not allow the heat of the sun to escape to the outside so that the Earth warms like a greenhouse.

These phenomena are also called the greenhouse effect and global warming. Under these circumstances, environmental awareness, that is, eco-awareness is increasing.

We have to think about it.

p.s. Travel through the original scenery of Japan on July 3, 2020.


music [Yasuharu Nagura – “Minimal Glitch” (from ” Momentary Incursions”)]



A car in the 1955’s

 The occurrence of gaps can be linked to human behavior to varying degrees. You want to realize it if you can, but when it is unlikely, you call it a dream.

 It was a dream for many people to have a car in the 1955’s, and if they make an effort, it is easy to link them to actions when the possibility of realization is strong. However, if the gap is not enough, you will fall into “frustration.”

 This is especially the case when the people around you are doing it.

 In economics, the phenomenon in which people want to have something else that they have from the advertising media or their real life, which leads to consumption, is called the “demonstration effect.



When you feel that a person is alive


Hand-painted photograph “Cherry blossoms in Koganei (near Tokyo)”

It is often written in a book that says “have a hobby in old age.” Having a hobby must be an important condition for a rewarding life, but something is still missing.

What is it? And when does a person have the feeling of being alive? I also hear that “it takes a lot of time for people to have a fulfilling life”.

What does “rich time” mean like here?  In other words, what is the condition for feeling “fullness”? Indeed, it is not regulated by the act of having a hobby.


Koganei City