Cocktail Photography | Summer Drink (2020)


Cocktail name : Mammie Taylor

Cocktail Recipe


・The Arran Malt (Scotch whiskey)(45ml)
・Fresh lemon juice (20ml)
・Ginger ale proper amount

How to make

① Pour ingredients other than ginger ale into a tumbler containing ice.
② Fill with cold ginger ale.

One Point

Another name is “Scotch back”. The moderately sour taste of lemon complements the flavor of Scotch whiskey, and the refreshing sweetness of ginger ale is also added, giving it a tasty taste that you won’t get tired of.

If you change the bass scotch to gin, it becomes “gin back” or “mummy’s sister”. In this context, “Rum back” is sometimes referred to as “Susie Taylor” and “Bourbon back” is sometimes referred to as “Mummy’s Southern Sister”.

“Back” is a recipe that adds lemon juice and ginger ale to various spirits.

p.s. The phograph is taken on July 19, 2020. Happiness to workers of the world!