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Photography『Takeda Shrine, Japan』(2020)

From Takeda Shrine, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan.

Those who do what they choose freely will want to live the life of their choice if they desire to live a happy and blessed life.

Nevertheless, how many people go through a different life pattern than what they wanted. Even if it is different from their feelings, they have to give up and spend patience and patience.


music [Yasuharu Nagura – “Elephant Intoxication”

(from “Tranquil Restration in Thailand”)]…


Photography『Oshino Hakkai, Japan』(2020)

From the village of Oshino, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan

One begins life and then gradually begins art.

In my case, it’s the opposite, and I feel like I started life after I did art. In general, the path from life to do art would be the norm.

Many people have lived abundant lives in the world. Also, one out of a hundred beliefs who lived that abundant life would have a desire to record their own life.

However, recording themselves is talented, skilled like any sport or skill, has a long training process. It is hard to enjoy your life if you practice it. Also, it is not possible to train record talent during the adventure. So, it’s usually late when people want to record their life and leave it as an exciting story in the world for posterity.

We do not start happy with life from the beginning. The ones who are content are very exceptional. This phenomenon would be the same for any successful social revolution.

Art begins there.


music [Yasuharu Nagura – “Sierra” (from “Portrait in A.I.”)]

Photography『Lake Yamanaka, Japan』(2020)

From the village of Yamanakako in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan

When living feels more painful than joyful, people are often bound by a sense of duty and responsibility that they must do, rather than obey what they want and want to do.

Joy comes from fulfilling the responsibilities that we must fulfill, but it gives us much more satisfaction in accomplishing what we truly desire.

Then, even if the attempt is unsuccessful and ended in labor, I would be convinced if I wanted to do it.

However, if you do it just because of your sense of duty and the expectations of others, nothing will remain except your disappointment and unhelpfulness in your failure.

I can only feel that I am an incompetent person who cannot even meet the expectations of others.


music [Yasuharu Nagura – “Tribal Sonar” (from “Momentary Incursions”)]…

Photography『Yamanashi, Japan』(2020)

Pray for a safe trip at Fuji Sengen Shrine in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan.

The definition of religion is considerably difficult.

Max Weber said: What is religion, it is “ethos”.

Ethos is simply “behavior”. In other words, it is a pattern of behavior.

What consciously and unconsciously drives human behavior, it is called a behavior pattern and is called ethos in German. It is an ethic in English.

In the case of English, there must be no s at the end. If there is s, it becomes ethics.

For example, one person drinks three glasses of water when he wakes up in the morning. It’s neither good nor bad, but if you drink it, it’s one behavior. Such things are called ethic, or ethos.


Ethos ( ethisch-moralische Einstellung)


music [Yasuharu Nagura – “Mythology of Buddism”

(from “Tranquil Restration in Thailand”)]…

Photography『Shizuoka, Japan』(2020)

Taking a break near Suruga Bay in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan

When people use cars, some problems are not just paid for the purchase of cars and the use of private resources such as gas bills.

In other words, when you use a car, you must always use the social resources of roads, but roads are generally the most important component of the urban environment, which is indispensable for people to live.

Therefore, the use of automobiles inevitably has a major impact on the lives of ordinary citizens through the use of the social capital of roads.

When car ownership causes a large social cost, we also have to reflect on what social meaning each person’s freedom of choice has.


music [Yasuharu Nagura – “Excursion by Tuk Tuk” (from “Tranquil Restration in Thailand”)]…

Photography at Asagiri Plateau, Japan (2020)

The Asagiri Plateau is located at the southwest base of Mount Fuji in Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. The Asagiri Plateau is richly utilized for its pasture land and many dairy farms are situated along it. The elevation of the plateau is generally around 800 m (2,625 ft) or 900 m (2,953 ft).

p.s. Life is like riding a horse. It doesn’t go according to plan.

Photography at Wind Cave, Japan (2020)

The Fuji Fugaku Wind Cave is surrounded by the abundant greenery of the Aokigahara Jukai forest in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan. Once you enter the cave, it is pleasantly cool even in summer, with an average temperature of 3℃. Up until the beginning of the Showa era, it was used as a refrigerator to store the eggs of silkworms. The cave has also been designated as a Japanese natural monument. 


Most things in the world have meaning in motion and cannot be stopped and understood. Because even a machine without life is so, this is especially true when dealing with things such as living things, humans, society, ecosystems, and the global environment.

Photography at Lake Kawaguchi, Japan (2020)

Lake Kawaguchi area in Yamanashi Prefecture, at the foot of Mt. Fuji, is a favorite vacation spot for a day trip or weekend away for many. It is around one and a half hours via bus or express train from Tokyo.  It is the second largest of the Fuji Five Lakes in terms of surface area, and is located at the lowest elevation. 

Photography at Shosenkyo, Japan (2020)

Shosenkyo is a gorge which is in one of the most beautiful national parks in Japan located in the north part of Kofu city, Yamanashi prefecture. It is often regarded as a national treasure for its exuberance that can be enjoyed in all seasons. Famous for preserving the excellent quality of its waters, the gorge is included in “The Heisei Era 100 best water sites.” The photographs were taken on the Shosenkyo Line.

Photography in Kōfu, Japan (2020)

Maizuru Castle Park is a park and historical site in Kōfu, Yamanashi, Japan. It contains the ruins of Kōfu Castle, also called Maizuru Castle, which is about 400 years old and has been designated as a Yamanashi Historical Site. Maizuru Castle Park is a place of rest and relaxation for the people.

p.s. Kōfu Castle made me stop and take its picture. Photography, to me, is a record of the passing moment.