Photography『Yamanashi, Japan』(2020)

Pray for a safe trip at Fuji Sengen Shrine in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan.

The definition of religion is considerably difficult.

Max Weber said: What is religion, it is “ethos”.

Ethos is simply “behavior”. In other words, it is a pattern of behavior.

What consciously and unconsciously drives human behavior, it is called a behavior pattern and is called ethos in German. It is an ethic in English.

In the case of English, there must be no s at the end. If there is s, it becomes ethics.

For example, one person drinks three glasses of water when he wakes up in the morning. It’s neither good nor bad, but if you drink it, it’s one behavior. Such things are called ethic, or ethos.


Ethos ( ethisch-moralische Einstellung)


music [Yasuharu Nagura – “Mythology of Buddism”

(from “Tranquil Restration in Thailand”)]…