Photography『Shosenkyo, Japan』(2020)

From Shosenkyo located in the north part of Kōfu city, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan.

There are many cities all over the country. A city you want to travel, a city you admire, a city that will remain in your heart forever.

When you think about the charm and value of a city, you realize what kind of time a city is accumulating.

There is time that has been handed down and stored in the scenery of the city, in the products, in the lives, and in the people we meet.

This time is history and culture.

I say that it is another time, which is different from the big clock at the station. Kōfu is a large basin, and the valley is a large vessel.

The charm and value of the city of Kōfu will be how to learn and be aware of what kind of time has been stored in this vessel, and how to store it in the future.

And literary arts, writers, and works can be said to be the products of each city.


music [Yasuharu Nagura – “Basilica Random” (from “”Sketches of Barcelona”]