Photography 「The Red Weeping Cherry Tree」Japan (2021)

I went to the park just north of the mountain. I started shooting without seeing anyone. The red weeping cherry tree in the Edo Higan category was in bloom. The flower color is dark, and there is no such feature.

I put a coffee tumbler on the ground.

24 shots were taken with an 8-megapixel Canon Powershot. It’s a camera that’s commonplace everywhere. The only difference is that I put on a black strap to keep the camera from dropping.

It’s convenient to shoot flowers on Sunday afternoon, but it’s a different story when it comes to shooting wild birds.

There is only one thing to do on a sunny day in spring. Take a picture of the cherry blossoms.

p.s. Photography「The Red Weeping Tree (Beni-shidare-zakura) was taken on March 14, 2021.