Monthly Archives: April 2021

Photography「Spring Tulips」Japan (2021)

Cameras have not only become able to understand more by looking through scale photography and remote detection. The camera changed the way we see by cultivating the idea of ​​seeing.

I want a democratic camera eye.

p.s. Photography「Spring Tulips」was taken on March 30, 2021.

Photography「Itozakura」Japan (2021)

Photography「Itozakura」was taken at the Aquatic Garden on March 30, 2021.

The alias “Shidarezakura (Weeping cherry tree)” is better known than the name Itozakura. Itozakura also has individual differences in the shape, color, and size of its petals. It is famous as a flower in Kyoto prefecture. Seeing in a photograph means the talent to discover beauty in something that everyone sees but is not so mundane and not looking back.

Photography「Riverside Cherry Blossoms」Japan (2021)

A photographer’s passion for a subject has nothing to do with its content or value, which makes it possible to classify the subject. It is, among other things, to confirm that the subject matter is there, and that it is unmistakable (the unmistakable arrangement of a group of flowers), and what makes it unique.

p.s. Photography「Riverside Cherry Blossoms」was taken on March 30, 2021.