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Photography at Hamamatsu Castle, Japan (2021)

I was able to enter just by placing two 100-yen coins.

As I climbed the dark stairs, I saw a gold-leaf ceiling.

From the view of the castle, the color of the mountains and sky felt like a tropical country.

I was constantly taking pictures and completely forgot the time.


Photography at Hamamatsu Castle Park, Japan (2021)


Hamamatsu Castle   

is located in center of Hamamatsu city.

I have seen this castle once.

At first, I was on my way to the Hamamatsu Museum of Musical Instrument.

I was 29 years old at that time, and I was carrying a backpack.

I looked back and looked back and thought that I had learned the journey.


Photography in Shizuoka, Japan (May, 2019)

Current Status and Report (June 2021)

Beau Blue (#D6EDFF)

I report on my current situation (June 22, 2021).

① I canceled seven credit cards.

・ There is no need to spend unnecessary expenses such as annual membership fees.

② I started a computer class.

・ Currently, two members have joined. One person is under consideration.

③ I started a painting class.

・ Currently, two members have joined.

④ I changed the background color of the blog.

・ The background color is Beau Blue (# D6EDFF).

p.s. I will make a living by teaching sound programming as a musician.



Prologue | Photography at Japanese Garden, Japan (2021)

Living in the world, experiencing various pains, and appearing in the waves of happiness and unhappiness, I will continue to take pictures until the day when I die.

I will enhance my humanity, cultivate my spirit, and die with a higher level of soul than when I came to this world. I don’t think there is any other purpose to live than this.