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Photography「Les fleurs de Cerisier au Japon」Japan (2022)

「Sakura in Japan」(2022)

I think I was quietly admiring the cherry blossoms at the shrine on a rainy day.

I did nothing in particular.

I threw away the cardboard boxes.

So the neighbors can’t catch me either.

“A block in the parking lot is broken again,” he told me.

Give me a break, anyway.

I don’t want to hear about another broken parking block accident.

All I want is to be able to see the cherry blossoms here peacefully for as long as possible.

The next afternoon, a neighbor kid lost my Easter egg.

And the egg has yet to be found.

The kids never apologize for anything.

Soon I will have to go back to the dump to separate the recyclable from the non-recyclable.

About ten more boxes.

But when I go to the junkyard again, I would like to feel, the cherry blossoms of the shrine.




Photograhy「HANAMI」Japan (2022)

Afternoon, in the shrine.

All kinds of memories come back to my mind.

March 24, when I went shopping at the supermarket.

Do you have a membership card? Or do you have any membership cards?

How did I answer this question?

I am not obligated to tell you.

But anyway, you see, I am not a member of the supermarket yet.

Last night I was looking at this picture.

Heavy, living cherry blossom in the year 2022.

I had a cup of coffee in my hand, which I bought at a convenience store at that time.

That was my first HANAMI this year.

I was a little slumbering.

I closed my eyes and listened to the sound of the wind.

For about ten minutes, I just relaxed and watched the cherry blossoms.

I was glad I was here and not in a corona.

I am grateful for that.

But at the same time, I can’t help but think with a painful feeling.

I can’t help but think that the Russian and Ukrainian people are somewhere else,

somewhere not so wonderful.

They have gone to war.