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Photography at Uga Gorge, Mie, Japan (2022)

Uga Gorge

I suddenly wake up and write.

I remember the steep mountains.

The wind blows from the mountain.

And waves on the surface of the pond.

I kick my way through the mountains of memory.

A mountain that lives in my heart

I touch a few waterfalls.

And poisonous plants growing in the shade.

On the pale red rhododendrons

A drop of silver is rhetoric.

I want to watch the birds in the shade

Until the day I die.

I turn to the left and dodge the people.

I run up the path, hesitating for a moment.

There is a path that no man has trod before.

I see the gentle white snow.

p.s. The photos were taken on April 17, 2022.


Photography at Mt. Kinkazan, Gifu, Japan (2022)

Feeling Mt. Kinkazan in Spring

Listening to the sound of drizzling rain
I trace back the memory of my mountain climbing.

I open my eyes at the observatory of the mountain castle.
My heart is moved to tears as I listen to the lonely wings of the dog-eagle.

A sightseeing boat passes by the Nagara River.
Who are the passengers?
The Nagara Bridge crosses at the end of the boat.
A car crosses the bridge.
Two stadiums are in the middle of the street. 

Going to the west
The wind is flowing in all directions.
Alone, I look at snow-capped Mt. Ibuki,
I gaze at the tiled roof of the castle,
I sense the light of the sea of Ise Bay in the distance.

Ah, the daylight shining into the interior.
I feel the beautiful spring day.

The castle seems to be filled with serene emotions.

A pine needle shines. A person looks like a squirrel.
Ah, I can see my hometown.

I might go back to the mountains I saw here in the summer.
Then I will say goodbye to my corroded soul.

When I step down the mountain path of a hundred bends
I see in my eyes a small golden castle tower shining in the sky.

p.s. The photos were taken on March 23, 2022.

Photography at Mt. Chausu, Aichi, Japan (2022)

Mt. Chausu in May

While climbing Mt. Chausu, my hiking boots leave white footprints.

At the top of the mountain, there is a small observatory.

There I was taking photographs.

My eyes looked toward the distant mountains on my right.

The tiny lawn cherry blossoms seemed to be fluttering in the wind.

The wind was blowing in the sky.

I looked at the triangulation point in my eyes, and then, without knowing where to go,

I walked down the mountain.

I was descending through the barren mountains.

Sometimes I want to be alone, away from all the people.

And my heart is comforted by the love of nature.

My heart is still walking along a lonely mountain path.

I am still walking on a lonely mountain road.

p.s. The photos were taken on May 22, 2022.