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Photography at the Fugan Canal, Toyama, Japan (2022)

The camera was an old digital camera.

It was small and black.

I had a felt strap around my neck, and it was securely attached to my chest.

I stood on the Tenmon Bridge in the Fugan Canal Kansui Park,

captured the ship in my viewfinder, and pressed the shutter with one hand.

Then I check the picture.

I watched it from the window for a long time.

What do you think? Did you like it?

I think I did a good job.

But, well, to be honest, it’s not that difficult to take landscape photos.

It’s a different story when the weather is terrible, but I don’t go outside then.

I do what I can inside my house.

You know, things like making coffee.




Photography in Toyama Bay, Japan (2022)

It was the morning of August 17. When I arrived at Toyama Bay, it was raining.

I was holding the umbrella tightly with one hand. But I love shooting on rainy days.

That’s much I can say.

There is a roadside station called “Amaharashi.”

You guys haven’t been there yet, have you?

It looks like a roadside station. It’s not like that.

There is a terrace outside the restaurant from which you can see Toyama Bay.

You can wander around there and take as many pictures as you like.

I like “Roadside Station Amaharashi.”

If I could live my life over again, I would visit a roadside station more.

I think this will be the last time I see Toyama Bay in this world.



Photography in Seto City, Aichi, Japan (2022)

Taking videos and taking pictures is not productive. However, I feel that a wave of commercialism has somehow arrived somewhere along the way. At the very least, I would like to take photos and videos for pleasure without profit or loss.

And I want to look again through a lens of cameras at what I can see with my own eyes because I want to see what I have seen again. Perhaps it is simple curiosity. Or I have a faint hope that I might be able to see something else in the photograph than what I saw with my own eyes.



Video『Travel in Seto City, Aichi, Japan』(2022)


① Shin Seto Station
② Local Train
③ Seto River
④ Ginza Tori Shopping Street
⑤ In front of Fukagawa Shrine
⑥ Fukagawa Shrine Tori Gate
⑦ Fukagawa Shrine
⑧ Seto Ceramic and Glass Art Center
⑨ Self-Portrait

I visited Seto City, Aichi Prefecture on Sunday, October 16, 2022.



Haiku Competition in New York, USA (2022)

“Fujimara Yasumasa Plays the Flute in Moonlight” by Yoshitoshi

Theme: Early Summer, 2022


① When the wind chime rang

  On the porch, he was hanging

  A new bamboo blind

② Reeds, thatch, and bulrush

  And rusty water fills them

  Certain places were bright

③ In the paddy fields

  Weaving in and out between them

  The two of us walked

p.s. These works were created on July 14, 2022.



Source of Photo


Business Report August 1 – October 10, 2022

Photo “Sunflower at a Summer Resort” taken on August 24, 2022


Corrections and Guidance

・Poetry 2 students

・Composition 1 student

・Book Report: 3 students

・Writing on Daily Life: 4 students

Recording and CD production

・Picture Book Reading: 3 students [Microphone: BOYA (Omni-directional) 


・Drum Instruction for 1 student


・Setup and Reception for a Film Festival


p.s. All work is creative. Even if it is my work or yours.