Monthly Archives: May 2023

Poetry「Mt. Fuji from the Car Window」(2023)

I will carefully consider what I should do.  
What I should capture, and what I should not. 
And then I will execute it! Using words like this.

Through several viewfinders, I have seen mountains, seas, and flowers.
I have lived those days according to my own will. 
With the determination to not lose to anyone, no one can stop me.

I will continue to do so.




Photography at Miho no Matsubara, Japan (2023)

Even though it was May, Miho no Matsubara had a weather that felt like early summer.

I heard Tokyo was also warm at the time.

By the time the ocean came into view, I was quite tired.

I was on a trip to Izu at that time.

I’m not confident that I’ll have the chance to come back here again in my lifetime.

So these pictures are one of my beautiful memories.