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Functionalism and Organic Architecture


Antoni Gaudí i Cornet [Sagrada Família]|1883 − | Barcelona  photo : Yasuharu Nagura

The 20th-century architecture, which shows an extremely diverse richness both technically and in terms of modeling, is divided into two: intellectual and rationalist functionalism architecture, and sensory and expressionist organic architecture.

Functional architecture has a very modern character in that it is connected with the possibility of mass production by standardization and fabrication (manufacturing of assembled house parts) as well as rational form, but there are mechanical. Some things make you feel cold.

On the other hand, the trend of seeking more sensory and human architecture is called organic architecture.

German expressionist architecture after the First World War and Antonio Gaudi, a unique Spanish architect with a rich, end-of-the-century feel, can enter the tide in a broad sense.