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Business Report August 1 – October 10, 2022

Photo “Sunflower at a Summer Resort” taken on August 24, 2022


Corrections and Guidance

・Poetry 2 students

・Composition 1 student

・Book Report: 3 students

・Writing on Daily Life: 4 students

Recording and CD production

・Picture Book Reading: 3 students [Microphone: BOYA (Omni-directional) 


・Drum Instruction for 1 student


・Setup and Reception for a Film Festival


p.s. All work is creative. Even if it is my work or yours.




Current Status and Report (June 2021)

Beau Blue (#D6EDFF)

I report on my current situation (June 22, 2021).

① I canceled seven credit cards.

・ There is no need to spend unnecessary expenses such as annual membership fees.

② I started a computer class.

・ Currently, two members have joined. One person is under consideration.

③ I started a painting class.

・ Currently, two members have joined.

④ I changed the background color of the blog.

・ The background color is Beau Blue (# D6EDFF).

p.s. I will make a living by teaching sound programming as a musician.



About Corona Shock

Of course, in today’s world, suddenly the company may collapse and lose its job, but even if that happens, it will not be a problem to eat from tomorrow. There is a safety net called “unemployment insurance”, and you should look for the next job during that time.

Your feeling of poverty is not due to income, a recession, or a non-earning profession.

The most problematic one is spending “yourself”.

You know your monthly income, so you will spend a little less than that.

Therefore, the first thing you need is ego control. How can you control the desire to generate spending and keep spending slightly less than your income? First of all, this is the turning point.

To bring out what has a need to the world


However, you are free to take out the ones you don’t need.

It is the artist’s choice and freedom to draw the picture that the artist cannot sell and to compose it.

Do you write a book that sells or a book that does not sell?

If you need to sell, you have to put out something with economic value.

But I would like you to keep in mind that economic value is not just “added value.”

Spending time on jobs you don’t want to do


If you get a job at the age of 22, it will take about 40 years before you reach retirement age at the age of 65.

No matter how you spend your time, you can never get back this time. Spending so much time on a job that you don’t want to do is like losing a valuable lifetime. You should stop this way of life.

That’s why, if you’re doing a job that doesn’t satisfy you at all, you should think carefully about what you can do here.

You get rich when you do what you want to do


People often say that “work is something to eat”, but the idea itself is poor.

Unfortunately, most office workers may not be satisfied with their jobs. You may be willing to accept that reality, but that means your time spent at work is not worth it.

I think the most valuable asset for an individual is “lifetime.” How satisfying is your living time? This determines the value of life.

Among them, doing a satisfactory job occupies a considerable weight.

Those who have information have power


It’s not just that word-of-mouth information on the Internet and information sent by popular bloggers are more powerful than information sent by companies. It is a problem related to the essence of economic activity, especially what is called “capitalism”.

The essence of economic activity is to deliver what is needed, where it is needed, and in an appropriate manner.

When there is a lot of “necessity” while there is a shortage of “things”, it is clear that the person delivering the goods, that is, the seller has an overwhelming advantage. The recipient only has the “necessity” and not the “thing,” so if the seller creates the “thing,” the “necessity” will come from anywhere. Then, the seller can unilaterally impose a price system that is advantageous to them.

When such a one-way flow of “things” from “seller” to “buyer” is remarkable, if there is a bottleneck somewhere in the flow, the person occupying the bottleneck will see “things like toll fees”. It becomes possible to collect.

This is because the flow of information can be blocked and monopolized. In the capitalist economy, those with huge capital could take control of this bottleneck. I think this is the essence of capitalism. This seems to be a collection of tolls at “Barrier”.

What does “productive” mean?


● Some human things are productive and some are not.

● Productive is something that creates some value.

For example …

● Agricultural, industrial, transportation, and service industries are all productive. You can’t make money without creating some value.

● Creative things such as inventions and discoveries. It can also make a huge leap forward in society. Or, even with a little ingenuity, discoveries and inventions that make everyday fun are still productive.

● To help people such as volunteers. We can try to make everyone feel comfortable. Of course, connecting to the happiness of people is a productive act.

When trying to do something, it may be important to check whether it is productive or unproductive.

Japanese market


Population projections in Japan (1950-2100)

 Japan’s population is already declining.

The number of people who exceeded 120 million was exceeded in 1984, but by 2005 it had already decreased slightly. The declining birthrate and aging population are advancing rapidly.

Although more than 2 million were born in 1973, the number of births in 2014 was 1 million, which is about half.

The population of junior high and high school students, who had been the central target of the music business, is still ahead. It has been confirmed that it will continue to decline for a few decades.

This is not without affecting the music business.

However, you should take a good look at the Japanese market. Despite the shrinking population, the Japanese market is attractive.

Even if we think of it as a language-speaking area, it is the current situation that English, Spanish, and Chinese are next to the Japanese-speaking area. I have the feeling that doing music business in Japan today is like doing a Japanese restaurant in Kyoto.

The high quality accepted by Japanese users should have the potential to be accepted worldwide.


Population projection in Japan (1950 – 2020)

Growing Asian Market


Countries Ordered by Population in 2020

 The economic power of emerging countries in Asia is rising. It was in 2010 that China surpassed Japan’s GDP to become second in the world. ASEAN countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam have grown their economies, and the volume of people who spend money on hobbies called “the middle class” is increasing.

North America and Europe can be marketed, and it is known that South American countries also have many Japanese music fans. India and African countries may take time, but there are business opportunities around the world.

If you are involved in the music business from now on, there will be no shipment that only looks at the Japanese market. From the beginning, you should consider planning with multiple markets in mind, such as Japan + ASEAN or Japan + North America.

Let’s have a clear position of ourselves in conducting a music business based on a sophisticated mature market.


Countries Ordered by Populatin in 2020