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Main topics written in sentences


1. Personal experiences, impressions, and appeals

2. Livestock (cows, horses, pigs, dogs, cats, etc.)

3. Stories about animals

4. Family and relatives

5. A friend you know

6. Interesting personalities

7. Biography and anecdotes of famous and worshipped people

8. Stories read, heard, and seen

9. Literature, studies, ideas, and art

10. Radio and television

11. Reflections on current affairs, social issues, and politics

12. Favorite play

13. Adventure and thrill experience

14. Outdoor activities and dance

15. Games and sports

16. Movies, plays, and music

17. Family life

18. Story of Foreign Life

19. Toys, tools, favorite things, collectibles, hobbies

20. How to make something

21. Seasonal events and events

22. Suburban walks and trips

23. Fancy and Fantasy Stories

24. Childcare, health, and illness

25. Educational issues, life issues, and religions

Ethical rules of expression


You are free to write whatever you want in the text.

Freedom of speech and freedom of expression are some of the basic human rights of human beings and are also the basis for supporting democracy.

Therefore, it cannot be said that this must be written, or this should not be written. Also, since the contents vary widely, it is impossible to determine if these contents are valuable.

However, for social common sense and ethics of life, it is necessary to admit that it is not necessary to write this much, or criticism may occur that it is too much to write such a thing.

It’s no surprise that newspapers, magazines, radio, and television adhere to the ethics of expression along with freedom of expression.

And, I think that it is to keep the harmony of the expression after all.

If you are a writer, you also want to determine the ethical rules of expression as an individual.

And when you’ve finished writing something, don’t immediately send it to the other person or present it, but read it back a couple of days to get a sense of harmony in terms of expression and content.

The need to write sentences


When we try to write something, we are motivated to express our feelings and encourage others to express the same feeling, our opinions, assertions, or desires.

You will be motivated by the willingness of others to tell you what you are, or you will be motivated by the willingness of others to agree (support, agree, consent) with your thoughts. If there is nothing in those minds, there is no need to write.

The first thing you need to do when writing is that you have to feel strongly that you have to write something and make it public. The stronger you need to write, the more you can be more aggressive in the actual act of writing, even if it is more tragic.

If we were to try to write a sentence, even if we were prompted by the need from the outside, what we had to do is to change that need from outside into our own need. This is not difficult. Think about what you want the other person to feel, what you want to convey, and what you want to preach.

To do this, I usually think of my surroundings, my interests, my work and occupation, my society, and politics. Strive to have a reasonable opinion.

Anonymous Internet remarks are a hotbed of hoax


Such intentional spoofing, camouflage, and fabrication are not just “willful offenders.”

Even when no one intends, the content may be transformed like a message game as information is transmitted from person to person.

Misunderstandings and mistakes occur.

Also here, the anonymous transmission reduces the “responsibility for accuracy” of “don’t disclose information that is unknown.”

“Anonymous Internet transmission” is like “driving a car without social punishment such as being caught by the police even if you cause an accident or violate the law”, and you must be careful to avoid accidents go down.

At least, I believe that information from anonymous senders on the Internet said, “This person is more likely to be distributing information without confirmation because he is in an environment where he is not held accountable for distributing incorrect information. “=” Accuracy liability is declining. “

Importance of public information

“Public information” refers to stories appearing in the media such as newspapers and television, official opinions and comments of governments and senior officials, press releases, papers issued by government researchers, and eventually telephone books, rosters, personal directories, etc. “information to be obtained at any time”.

  The first step of the interview begins with reading the public information and keeping it in mind. The accuracy of information analysis can be improved by meeting people, listening to stories, and adding information at the entrance of public information. The information becomes more factual.

Such an activity of analyzing a partner using “public information” as an information source is called “OSINT (Open Source Intelligence)”.

HUMINT (Human Source Intelligence) is an activity that uses humans as an information source to listen and analyze.

In addition, there is “SIGINT (Signals Intelligence)” such as eavesdropping on communications and eavesdropping on telephones and e-mails.

Good reporting = information analysis that is closer to the facts, where the research of public information is closely packed, and information from humans are blended into it.

In other words, OSINT and HUMINT must be organically combined to bring information closer to “facts”.

Don’t believe the information sent by the anonymous person.


“Do not trust anonymous information” is the principle.

I state that “information from anonymous people is not considered until they can be confirmed.”

Whether it’s the Internet or old media like newspapers, television, and books, you can throw away any information you don’t know who is the sender. This is because the credibility as a fact is low.

With the spread of the Internet, the number of anonymous senders is larger in the amount of information distributed. However, my criterion that “the information sent by anonymous senders is not recognized as a fact remains the same.”

“If you don’t know what you say, you’re less responsible for what you say.” And there is nothing disadvantageous or troublesome for professionals or individuals based on this criterion.

This is not to say, of course, that “stop sending anonymous information.”

It merely states the fact that “the person who receives the information sent by the anonymous person gives the lowest creditworthiness”. It’s perfectly acceptable to have that sent out anonymously. They are simply not trusted.

At least, I, a professional writer, do not trust anything.

Accounting and management

ledger-1428230_1920 Any manager wants to make a profit, but many managers think that the cost will naturally increase if they try to increase sales. This is the so-called common sense of management.

 However, if the starting point of management is to “maximize sales and minimize expenses”, instead of increasing expenses while increasing sales, expenses should be the same or reduced if possible. That management makes the most sense.

 Reducing costs while increasing sales is not an easy task to achieve. This requires wisdom, ingenuity, and effort. Profit is only the result.

How to operate indies label


There are many requirements other than music for business owners. To operate the indies label, it is not something that you should only listen to music or create one. You also have to calculate the cost of producing CDs, and you need to do market research. You also have to do a lot of clerical work that is not directly related to music, such as negotiations with distributors, contract checks, and copyright negotiations.

You only have to play your favorite music, but you can not neglect business activities to maintain and maintain the label. To make a high-quality sound source, it may be more than the budget originally thought. Whether you pursue art or business is your freedom, but if you are pursuing quality until you are convinced, the CD will not be completed no matter how long it will cost money. It may be.

In freedom, it is also required of indies label owners to think about profitability to some extent. Also, a musician who is just working on music is disqualified as a manager. Expanding your perspective to fields other than music, adding an antenna to various information, and having an interest in it lead to the creation of music that is acceptable to people. It is an important requirement to reflect the knowledge of other fields in music. Moreover, it is necessary to focus on new music distribution, and it is also important to collect information and analyze how CD sales methods will change in the future.

How to evaluate social media truly

social-media-1795578_1920 The inability of management to properly understand the characteristics of social media, including YouTube, is a major factor hindering the development of a comprehensive Internet strategy. Then, what kind of criteria should SME managers evaluate and work on social media that appear one after another? We will compare three representative social media, YouTube, blog, and Facebook from the following three perspectives.

(1) Reflection on Google search results

(2) The spread of the number of users

(3) User stay time

 It can be said that the strategy that SMEs should take is to compare social media from these three points of view and to explore how to make use of its characteristics.

(1) Reflection on Google search results with YouTube, Facebook, and blogs, there are some differences in reflecting Google search.

 Simply put, while YouTube and blogs evaluate the keywords used for posting time and article titles on Google search, Facebook posts information by logging in only by users who have acquired an account. Due to the nature of the media being browsed, in particular, the “personal wall” where users are eagerly disseminating information is not reflected in Google search. The effect of Google search on Facebook is limited to the title of the Facebook page and the text on the event announcement page.

 First of all, is the information that you are sending on social media is “the information that you want to reflect in Google search” or “the information that is sent  to others even if it is not reflected in Google search.” It is necessary to properly distinguish and post. Working blindly without understanding the nature of social media, such as “I want to do Facebook because everyone around me is doing”, or ” I have to do new social media, such as Instagram. ” Things lead to wasted time. If you put on YouTube or a blog and the title of the posted video or article itself is reflected in Google search, it is necessary to select and set appropriate keywords for the title as well as the content. YouTube, blog titles need a strategy.

(2) The spread of the number of users

 No matter how good the characteristics of social media, if there is no concentration of users in the first place, it will not be effective. You also need to be aware of what kind of market deficit social media is or is perceived by the market. According to the “2013 Information Communication White Paper” announced by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the Internet users in Japan are 96.52 million, and 80% of the whole population will use the Internet, excluding infants and old people It can be said that most people use the Internet. Among them, it can be said that YouTube is used by about 40 million people a month. On the other hand, Facebook has 24 million users and 27 million blogs. However, for blogs, it is the total number of blog creators, and when it comes to “blog market” including blog readers, it may be a bit more.

 However, the figure shows that YouTube boasts an overwhelming number of users. Although there are not many video contributors overall, many internet users devote most of their Internet connection time to watching YouTube, and YouTube will continue to gain citizenship in the country as well. It will be. Also, there is no difference that Facebook and blogs are media with a large number of users, and in particular, Facebook is not evaluated on Google search, but it seems to be a medium that exerts great power as a place of information diffusion.

3) User stay time  

 Facebook’s average stay is 208 minutes a month. On the other hand, YouTube has a survey of 340 minutes and a blog of 62 minutes. Depending on the time of measurement and conditions of the survey, I think that there will be differences, but access is generally via social media, and from that, there will be a minimum of about one minute of the stay. With blogs that are text- and image-oriented, there is no time to stay there. Also, YouTube tends to increase its stay time by displaying and playing related videos. In the future, not only video viewers but also more posters will be added, video content will be enriched, and other functions will be expanded. As a result, it is expected that YouTube’s stay time will further increase. SMEs should make use of the features of their social media, work on each other, eventually expand their exposure on the Internet, and work on mutual strategies that lead to the acquisition of responses.

Basics of overseas market capture

From now on, it should not be closed only to the Japanese market. Overseas should also be active at the same time. I would like to organize the way of thinking about music activities overseas.

Create “Tribe”.

It is natural, but overseas activities have disadvantages compared to activities in Japan. Even if you do a live, you won’t be able to sell it because there are no artists’ friends. The weak point is that there is not enough information to choose what to do, such as media choice and live house selection.

How do you grab a certain number of early fans and how do you access users ? The initial task is to create the first “Tribe” that supports the artist and the song.

Fortunately, Japanese artists have a context of cool Japan. It is a fact that the word “Cool Japan” is attached to the word, so if you hate it, you don’t have to use it. In short, quite a few users like Japanese pop culture represented by animation, comics, games etc. It means that you are in the world. There is no way not to use this context.

People who do not know the circumstances of foreign countries argue that “I do not want to be confined to Japan.” “Well, what do you start out and get interested?” I think. The world of international competition is not as easy as Japan. There is exactly a fight. It is true that the power of the Japanese government is weaker than in other countries, but the idea of ​​“it does not require because it is cool” is just like Japan’s island nationality. If you are confident in your artist or work, you should use all that is available and increase your exposure opportunities.

What I want you to know is that niche genres have networks globally. For example, metal rock, dance music such as house etc… has connections all over the world. There are many active visuals bands in overseas because the combination of warp and weft of otaku culture and rock scene is easy to build.

Global niche and Japanese pop culture. Let’s make a tribe and be conscious of these two things.