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How to write a blog


As I advise you,

① Write with a proper awareness of the reader, not self-satisfaction.

② There is no rule in the blog that this must be done.

③ Basically, “write what you like as you like”.

However, if you want to get some support or criticism from the public for good or bad, it is to write with the reader in mind and recognize that they will read.

And above all, it’s fine to update little by little and continue anyway.

Continuation is power.


About the blog



A blog has the meaning of extending an individual’s home page, but on the other hand, it has the important mission of transmitting small content to a wide variety of people.

And since bloggers have to take responsibility for their opinions, they can’t write anything foolish. That’s where an anonymous comment is different.

If you write something foolish, everyone won’t let you survive. In order to survive, you must study properly and argue or fix it.

Bloggers cannot survive unless written responsibly. Now that we have the world of blogging, anyone can easily argue. This is the media revolution.

The mass media also had to take a more serious attitude in reporting and reporting. In other words, falsification, falsehood, expanded interpretation, simple mistakes, etc. will be gradually reduced from the mass media.

Therefore, it can be said that the blog is becoming an environment that transforms into a healthier mass media.

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Internet Culture


The spread of the Internet has led to the creation of what is called a shared culture on the Internet or a unique Internet culture that did not exist in the real world.

For example, the idea of ​​open source is a culture that was unthinkable without a network: users of the world could become developers and development cooperators by making the source public.

Besides, movements such as writing novels, writing lyrics, and composing using networks have advanced, and it has become possible to operate video conferences with a simple system.

Attractive Web Design ③

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 Contextual elements encourage but do not guarantee, a return visit. Whether you can return to the site depends on the content.

Content must be interesting, useful, and constantly changing.

Several types of content attract newcomers and make it easier for them to come back.

(1) Information is deep and links to related sites

(2) There is always interesting new news

(3) There are always new free offers to visitors

(4) Contest and verification

(5) Humor and jokes

(6) Game

Attractive Web Design ②

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 Site visitors judge a site’s performance based on ease of use and physical appeal.

 Ease of use can be broken down into three attributes:

(1) fast download speed

(2) easy-to-understand top page

(3) easy to find navigation to other pages and quick opening

Physical attraction is determined by the following factors.

(1) Individual pages should look neat and should not be overfilled with content

(2) Typeface and font size are easy to read

(3) Being good at using colors (and sounds)

Attractive Website Design ①

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 All companies should consider and evaluate e-marketing and electronic purchasing opportunities. The main challenge is to design a compelling site that will appeal to your audience with a first impression and will be visited repeatedly.

An effective website has seven design elements.

· Context

– layout and design

· Contents

– images, sounds, and videos to be included on the site

· Community

– How is communication between users possible?

· Customization

– Is the site automatically tailored to each user, or is the user able to personalize the site?

· Communication

– Is it possible to communicate from site to user, from user to site, or in both directions?

· Connection

– How much the Connection site links to other sites.

· Commerce

– Is it possible to conduct commercial transactions?

To encourage a return visit, we must pay particular attention to the context and content, and further satisfy the element of changing to another “C”, Constant (Constant).

Social Media : Instagram

Instagram, which is spreading more and more mainly among young women, is focused on photography, and since the text is not emphasized, it is a good management point that it does not burn easily.

If you’re starting now, I think Instagram has a chance. Since Instagram is a service acquired by Facebook, it is also recommended that it is easy to link with Facebook.

Many companies have accounts, there are few troublesome people, and it is good that malicious intent is hard to enter.

I think it is a safe and effective good tool. It is also a feature that Instagram does not often demand “immediate response” required by Twitter etc…

Let’s aim for spread by making full use of stylish photos and # (hashtag).



Various addictions


There are various addictions.

For example,

・Internet addiction

・chat addiction

・smartphone addiction

・texting addiction

・BBS addiction

・blog addiction

・net auction addiction

・YouTube addiction

・Facebook addiction

・Twitter addiction

・LINE addiction

・Instagram addiction

・Wikipedia addiction

Are you okay?

What is object-oriented programming?


 Object-oriented programming is a programming technique in which a set of program functions called “objects” compose a program while sending messages to each other.

 Each object independently has its own values ​​and processing instructions. Each object can be thought of as a small program module. The basic idea of ​​object orientation is to construct a large program by sending messages between these small modules.