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Painting as theraphy : free drawing


Painted by Yasuharu Nagura entitled『nonlinear_01』on October 15, 2018

 I acknowledged the existence of my own injured suppressed <inner child> in my paintings and carried out self-healing training to unleash the feelings of that “child”.

Painting as therapy has already established as art therapy.

It is a way to draw a picture with no intention in the hand.

This depiction method is regarded as a way to achieve an unconscious complex and express the basic problem of life visually.

The act of drawing a picture is exactly expressing herself strongly, giving a passage to express emotions. It triggers so that unconsciousness appears freely.

Like image effects, it bridges between conscious self and unconscious elements, and between reasonable and irrational intuition elements.

It represents the contents of consciousness and it is a means of releasing the suppressed energy contained therein.

In this way, painting is effective as a therapy, but the most important point is that after drawing a picture, rather than interpreting it, drawing it out as a child.