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Living a Creative Life


Living a creative life, to put it another way, is to discover one’s individuality.

Finding individuality is easy to say but hard to do.

Especially in my country, where people always have to pay attention to their surroundings, they tend to lose their individuality.

If you think too much about adapting it to an existing system, you will fail.


About Creativity


Creativity seems to be particularly appreciated these days.

Since I was born in this world, I want to create something new.

However, “creating” does not mean merely inventing or discovering, or creating great works of art.

Isn’t it the creation to search for a way of life in my way?

In other words, our life itself is a creative process.

Defining yourself and living makes you lose the whole thing of living.

 For example, if a musician is conscious of playing, it will not be music. For music to be music, it is an obstacle to have a human-like awkward consciousness there. It is rough to say that wonderful music itself flows. This is what we can say about living. To live is not to analyze but to live itself.

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