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A car in the 1955’s

 The occurrence of gaps can be linked to human behavior to varying degrees. You want to realize it if you can, but when it is unlikely, you call it a dream.

 It was a dream for many people to have a car in the 1955’s, and if they make an effort, it is easy to link them to actions when the possibility of realization is strong. However, if the gap is not enough, you will fall into “frustration.”

 This is especially the case when the people around you are doing it.

 In economics, the phenomenon in which people want to have something else that they have from the advertising media or their real life, which leads to consumption, is called the “demonstration effect.




When you feel that a person is alive


Hand-painted photograph “Cherry blossoms in Koganei (near Tokyo)”

It is often written in a book that says “have a hobby in old age.” Having a hobby must be an important condition for a rewarding life, but something is still missing.

What is it? And when does a person have the feeling of being alive? I also hear that “it takes a lot of time for people to have a fulfilling life”.

What does “rich time” mean like here?  In other words, what is the condition for feeling “fullness”? Indeed, it is not regulated by the act of having a hobby.


Koganei City


Don’t think ahead


Even if my savings go to zero, I’ll go where I want to go and shoot what I want to shoot.

If that doesn’t produce any fruit, I’ll think about it at that time.

I won’t think about the distant future. Absolutely. I don’t know what happens.

It’s important to think about the present.

Life does not know what will happen.

Being productive


Here, the word productive does not refer to the ability of a painter or scientist to create something new or original, as in the case of being creative.

Also, it does not refer to the product of activeness, but the attributes of active life. Even pictures and scientific papers may be unproductive, or barren.

On the other hand, people who are deeply aware of themselves, or who not only look at a tree, but also who see it, or read poetry, experience the emotional movements expressed by the poet in their own words.

The process that is going on in a person, the process that produces nothing, can be very productive.

It is not necessarily tied to the creation of works of art, scientific creation, or creation of something useful.

Productive people animate everything they touch. They create their abilities and give life to other people and things.

Being active


Being active does not mean busy external activity, but an internal activity that makes one’s human power productive.

Being active means expressing one’s abilities and talents, and the abundant human genius that is given to all humans to varying degrees.

It means renewing yourself, growing up, overflowing, loving, transcending the prison of an isolated ego, being interested, and giving.

However, none of these experiences can be fully described in words.

It cannot be described in words and can only be communicated by sharing experiences.

Being active is a living, productive thinking.

What you can and cannot describe


Things are fixed and can be described.

Experience cannot be described in principle.

All we can describe is our persona (a mask worn by each person, an ego to be shown to others). Originally this persona is a thing.

Living humans, by contrast, are not dead figures and cannot be described as things.

Living humans cannot be described at all.

External and internal success


The question is whether or not you succeed internally. And that inner success can be achieved without external success.

It has to be applied to everyone’s life, and only for its entire life.

Because, in the sense that success is nothing more than external success, everyone’s life ultimately ends up in a sense unsuccessful.

Whatever external successes, outcomes, or biological and sociological outcomes you see in the outside world, do not guarantee that you will live long or live forever.

Internal success, on the other hand, is the meaning of life and the realization of it internally.

The weight of one-off life


What gives life an impotant meaning is that life in this world is only once, that our life is irreversible, and that the act of making life fulfilled also makes it live. All actions that you do not have to be redone.

But it’s not just that each person’s life is a one-time thing. The fact that one day, one hour, one hour, and one moment at a time only gives great weight to our lives.

Achieve a meaningful life in distress


We can make life meaningful in many ways. By acting, loving, and finally suffering.

By suffering, you mean how you behave and behave in the face of various life possibilities, even if they are constrained and you are unable to realize value through action and love.

Or how to take the pain of being constrained, in all of these ways, we can still deliver value.