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Blog Trap


Observe about blogs that are very popular on the Internet. Basically, blogs should be free to write anything, but of course the reality is not. I have to worry about my eyes. That is completely different from the traditional diary.

Actually no one may have read it. There are many people who will write blogs (assuming the possibility is so high) but assuming a large number of virtual readers (in delusion that their actions are being watched). There are occasional sentences where such psychology appears well. If you keep calm and observe it, it looks like you are drunk and have high tension.

Originally, my time is for myself. You should be free to do what you do.

However, when it comes to writing a blog everyday, I look for things in my life to be able to write a blog. People are looking for amazing things. I’m trying to find something that can be shown to a person by taking a picture. For example, choose something that you think carefully over a year, something that you can’t create for a decade, and not a big problem or a masterpiece like that, choose a near-term action that results in one day today It becomes.

It will be easy to spend every day on blogs without knowing or knowing.

This is nothing more than “domination”. There is a risk of making one’s own possibility small, bothered by people’s eyes and chased by daily reports. You should be careful enough.

Such people may wish to rest for a month or so for a trial. Just because you don’t show it to people changes what you choose.

If you don’t show it to anyone, don’t talk to anyone, what would you choose? Can you choose for yourself? You should think of what you really want, what you really like. When you buy things, when you choose, you’ll find out what other people think, at least you’ll notice that it’s the majority.

Although it can not be helped to some extent, if you care about the eyes of others, it will someday become empty. What are you living for? Not for others, is it not for yourself?


The purpose of life is freedom


From the conclusion, I think that “the purpose of life is free.” I live to gain freedom or to build freedom. At least now, I am thinking so seriously.

First of all, you will need to explain a little about what freedom is.

The freedom I think may be somewhat different in nuance from what ordinary people think. For example, ordinary people say, “Children are free”, and “animals are free.” On the contrary, I do not think that children are lame and that animals are never free.

Freedom is “to be what you want.” In order to be free, you must first “think”. Next, you feel the satisfaction of doing “action” or “thinking” as you thought, and as a result “I was able to do what I thought”. That feeling is “freedom.”

Children “think” that they wanted to do this, but they usually do not. Some adults limit it as “not good”, but often they do not act because of their lack of physical ability. So, although they have the feeling “I want to be free to do this,” more than adults, children are not free. To be clear, it is inconvenient.

The same is true for animals, and I can only observe pets, but when they are a baby they want to be quite free. They try to do various reckless things. However, if they grow up and become a full-bodied, they will not be reckless because it is because they can sort out. Other than to live, there is hardly anything that challenges new objects. When we give new toys, they only show interest when they are young. Wild animals look for food when they are hungry, and they may live in fear of the enemy. Sometimes they have time to rest and sleep, but I don’t think they are thinking about what they want to do and they are not challenging.

After all, it may be said that most of their lives are to avoid the enemy’s eyes and search for food. There is no freedom and adventure somewhere. They take a fixed action every day. And it’s because I’m a human being that looks at animals like this, and I do not feel that animals are lame in the first place. Because only human beings are free creatures, we do this thinking.

Pursuing uniqueness and originality


There are many artists in the world and there are many songs. Among them, in order for artists to be selected / listeners, you have to be careful not to get buried in them. You have to make it clear and distinguish it from others, as you choose from a myriad of artists and songs.

In conveying artists and songs, it may be said that they can not be transmitted unless it is possible to simply describe what is the point. If the originality can not be clarified, the word of mouth will not spread. Even in business, it is necessary to be easy to handle in order for people involved in work to move. So it is necessary to have an easy-to-understand “betting of music content and personality” rather than just vaguely “You have power, you have good character, and you are selling well”. If you verbalize here properly, there will be no blur and it will be easy to communicate outside.

However, this originality is not invariable. The artist also adjusts the span according to the situation and the external environment change.

What I often do in the field is to analyze the originality of the currently popular artists. Let’s study the strangeness of the interplay, breaking it down into elements such as artist’s music content, personality and image. It should surely be useful when developing works with new originality.

There is no failure

marc-liu-255460-unsplash  There is no such thing as failure. Every action has an outcome. When we try to do something, if we take action, it will always produce some kind of result. It may be different from the expected result, but it will be the result. Yes, you never fail. There are too many people who do not even take action because of the fear of failure. This is especially true if you start your own business independently. The question “What should I do if I fail” comes to mind first. But this is understandable. Most of us think with such thinking patterns. 

 Most successful entrepreneurs face many challenges along the way, if not all. But they see those difficulties as just a temporary setback. On the other hand, people who have nothing to do with success regard similar difficulties as failure. And those who have nothing to do with success think of similar difficulties as failure. And give up before you have a chance of success. The chances of success will be greater if you rethink what is called “fault” and look at it in its original form – a temporary setback or a valuable experienceEven if it is different from the expected result, don’t think of it as a failure.

Take action anyway


 Many people spend their lives just looking at the situation.  One common feature of successful people is that they make a quick decision and rarely change that decision. On the other hand, those who are not successful take a long time to make decisions and change those decisions in no time. If you are in a situation where you have to decide something, carefully review the facts, make decisions, and take action immediately. In most cases, it is better to act first than to just sit and wait for something to happen.

 Anyway, if you take action, for example, if you go outside, meet people, call, write a letter, the situation will improve. Take action and open up possibilities. Rather than just sitting and waiting for something to happen, it is better to do something anyway.

 If you do not act, nothing happens. That is a problem. If you take action, you get results anyway. If you are lost what to do-especially in the business, let’s do something. First of all, let’s do something that came to your mind. If you take action and continue without stopping, you should see the right action more and more clearly. 

 If you do something to do, the next move will always be visible. If you are wondering how to do it, let’s do something that first came to your mind.

Do a favorite job


 Who are you living in? Are you living your dream or someone else’s dream? How many parts of your life are decided by others?

 Isn’t there a job you dislike because of someone else’s wish? Even if you don’t want to do it, why not give up on your own role? As a father, a mother, a daughter, a son, a friend, a husband, and a wife, isn’t it unreasonable to convince you that it is natural?

 Where did you go? How about your own opinion, etc.? It is not only making sense to live your life, but it is also very important in terms of mental health.

 If you’re in a profession you don’t particularly like, ask yourself: “If you start working from begining again, what would you choose?”


Language Skills and Communication Skills

スクリーンショット 2019-04-08 17.55.32.png A piprest made in Italy

 English skills are essential as long as you work with a focus on overseas. The ability to check information on the Internet, the ability to communicate via email, and the ability to speak are also very important. As long as you are in the music business, you should communicate with both French and Asian people in English. But more important than that is communication skills. Do not hesitate, say what to say. If you can not hear what the other party is saying, listen in this word and check. Such an attitude is necessary.