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Photography at Benten-jima, Japan (2021)

A little south along the lake, there was a bright red torii gate.

The beautifully sunny Benten-jima was receiving a warm day.

I’m not a local person. Do you bow like a geisha to the torii and say “Hello” ?

I was playing while taking pictures until after 2 o’clock.

Photography at Hamamatsu Castle, Japan (2021)

I was able to enter just by placing two 100-yen coins.

As I climbed the dark stairs, I saw a gold-leaf ceiling.

From the view of the castle, the color of the mountains and sky felt like a tropical country.

I was constantly taking pictures and completely forgot the time.

Photography at Hamamatsu Castle Park, Japan (2021)


Hamamatsu Castle   

is located in center of Hamamatsu city.

I have seen this castle once.

At first, I was on my way to the Hamamatsu Museum of Musical Instrument.

I was 29 years old at that time, and I was carrying a backpack.

I looked back and looked back and thought that I had learned the journey.


Photography in Shizuoka, Japan (May, 2019)

Prologue | Photography at Japanese Garden, Japan (2021)

Living in the world, experiencing various pains, and appearing in the waves of happiness and unhappiness, I will continue to take pictures until the day when I die.

I will enhance my humanity, cultivate my spirit, and die with a higher level of soul than when I came to this world. I don’t think there is any other purpose to live than this.

Photography in Ehima Town, Japan (2021)

Ehima town is near the pacific ocean.

I visited a farmer I know.

To my surprise, the cabbage flowers are yellow.

The farmer guided me to the Green House.

He gave me a flower called “Bird of Paradise” as a souvenir.

When asked, “Why did you come to this town?”

I would say that I came here to be a little better person than yesterday.

Photography at Sumatakyo, Japan (2021)

I put my cap in my backpack.

It was what my father gave me after buying it at a home improvement store and using it for a while.

I was denting my cheeks while looking at the dream suspension bridge.

It’s just a dream to be able to cross such a bridge.

And, of course, people are interested in it.

The couple in front of me took a picture in the middle of the bridge, and they were slow to move forward.

I put the camera in my pocket and closed my eyes.

Then I tried to hear the sound of the deep river flowing under my feet.

Photography at Sumatakyo Onsen, Japan (2021)

I was planning to go on a hot spring trip.

On Friday afternoon, I went on a day trip to the hot springs.

I parked my car in the mountains and walked a few miles to the desired hot spring.

I had food, water, and towels.

The day I arrived at the river, I drank water.

I drank lots of water and survived the heat.

The wind was starting to blow.

It was a cool breeze.

At the end of the trail, I went to a hot-spring house and drank water again.

Then I bathed in a hot spring.