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Photography at Okuoi Kojo Station, Japan (2021)

The American poet, T.S. Eliot, said

“We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring. Will be to arrive where we started.”

The spirit of exploration dramatically, symbolically and clearly, develops the individual.

The place we reach at the end of exploration may be the place where we began, but the landscape is layered, still visible to us in different ways.


『Oigawa Railway』(2014)

Photography in Kawanehoncho Town, Japan (2021)

Japan is getting smaller and smaller. We have to go out in search of the unknown wilderness. That is what is unpredictable and beyond human control.

Today, experience has become stale, and the sense of adventure supported by spontaneity has become rare. Words themselves have lost the power of meaning to excite people that they once had.

When Japanese policy calls for “GoTo Travel,” we already know what to expect from it. Is it possible that fulfilling advertised expectations has become the meaning of the word “adventure” today?

Photography in Hamamatsu, Japan (2021)

Many travelers don’t gaze first. The first thing they do is look at the camera.

A good photographer first captures in himself what he wants to capture with his camera.

They first create a relationship between themselves and what they are photographing.

In this way, seeing first is a creative process.

Photography at Kagoshima Castle, Japan (2021)

I always have the wiseness to try to stay alone without flocking with people. I can write about the castle at any time. There was also a hollow hole that I couldn’t understand.

I have to kill time. If I have a perfect time, it’s time to face this Mackintosh.

But to get a perfect time, I have to spend some inconvenience. To make the most of one hour, you have to kill two hours. One thing to watch out for is that you shouldn’t kill all your time, all the years.

Now I’m entering a world of subtle nuances and shadows. My words are cultivated by what I hardly notice. It is a good thing. Now I’m writing a different kind of drivel than before. Some may be aware of that.

p.s. Bullet holes were made in the stone wall at the battle of the Satsuma Rebellion in 1877.

Photography in Downtown Kagoshima, Japan (2021)

Most people think they have to go to a shrine to make their wishes come true. You have to make an offering of money and bow. I have tasted this worship so much that I have no desires.

I can do enough without relying on the power of the shrine. I had enough of this. All you have to do is throw money at the worshipers. I congratulate you.

But, suffering does not make creativity. The creators show their creativity.

Shooting is a time of passion.

Taking a picture is when I take my soul out, hit it against a wall, and catch it bouncing back.

Photography in Kagoshima City, Japan (2021)

It was cold outside, but not too cold. I came to this observatory to think about how to get my life back on track. But I wasn’t forced to stay here by anyone. We are not bound.

If I want to go out, I can always go out. One step at a time.

p.s. The scenery from the top of the hill takes in the city center, Kinko Bay, and Sakurajima.

Photography at Chringashima, Japan (2021)

It is a little story about the view when driving through Kagoshima Bay.

When you go to Chiringashima, you should run clockwise along the coast of the Satsuma Peninsula, and on the way back, you should run counterclockwise.

It doesn’t matter which one you use. Right?

I’m always trying to learn something. There is no end to learning.

It’s not a bad idea to study something here today.

p.s. Near the mouth of Kagoshima Bay is the island of Chringashima.

Photography at Lake Ikeda, Japan (2021)

Some photographers want to shoot the same thing that pleased their readers in the past. That’s the end of them. For most photographers, the period of creativity is short.

They listen to the words of praise and believe it. Only one person makes the final decision on what he took. It’s the photographer himself.

When photographers are at the mercy of critics, editors, publishers, and readers, it’s over. And, needless to say, when a photographer becomes swayed by fame and wealth, he has no choice but to drown in the lake with algae.

Photography around Kaimondake, Japan (2021)

I’m not in a photo contest. I have never sought fame or money. I wanted to take and store photos the way I wanted. It’s just that. Otherwise, I will defeat by something worse than death.

Photographs aren’t valuable, but I need them.

But when I still start to question my ability to create photographs, I simply look at other photographers. Then, I realize that I have nothing to worry.

My contest has only me as a competitor. I go through the competition fair with vitality and energy, joy, and a spirit of the challenge. If not, it doesn’t matter anymore.


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