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The mainstream is not limited to one.


If you want to work for an organization that has few inconsistencies, it is probably best to work for an organization. The world may not be very good, but if you enter a new company or a new business, you will most likely suffer the least.

If you are unfortunately  in a famous large company or a long-established store, I think it’s best to have them work on a new job as much as possible.

However, there are many cases where it will eventually become larger than the mainstream and become the new mainstream. I think you all know that well. The story of a larger subsidiary and the merger of parent company over time has filled the world.

If the 2020s are an era of change, there will be many such things, and there will be opportunities to strive to do so. It is impossible to find only so-called large companies and mainstream. I think it may be a good way of life.

Also, famous large corporations and stable large organizations are insensitive to the movement of the world. There is no need to listen to the voice of the world because it is stable, and if it accumulates, one day it will come and shock.