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Amish and Literature


Matrys Mirror

 『Martyrs Mirror』, along with Ausbund, is a book recording the intense persecution of Anabaptists. It is over 100 pages thick and is found in most Amish homes. The sermon at worship quotes stories of persecution from this book.


Martyrs Mirror: The Story of Sevevteen Centuries of Christian Martyrdom, from the Time of Christ to A.D. 1660





Amish and Music

Sample-text The Ausbund

 The Ausbund is a collection of hymns written by Amish with only the lyrics.  Persecution of the Anabaptist has been clarified.

 Written a lot by the Anabbapt who was persecuted in the 16th century.

 It was first published in 1564, centered on a collection of 51 hymns written by the Swiss Anabaptist. After that, it became a collection of 140 songs.

 Mennonite is no longer using Ausbund.

 In worship, the lyrics are memorized, unaccompanied, and sung in unison. The selected conductor on the spot takes the lead.


Amish Hymn Singing by Jan Drexler