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Growing Asian Market


Countries Ordered by Population in 2020

 The economic power of emerging countries in Asia is rising. It was in 2010 that China surpassed Japan’s GDP to become second in the world. ASEAN countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam have grown their economies, and the volume of people who spend money on hobbies called “the middle class” is increasing.

North America and Europe can be marketed, and it is known that South American countries also have many Japanese music fans. India and African countries may take time, but there are business opportunities around the world.

If you are involved in the music business from now on, there will be no shipment that only looks at the Japanese market. From the beginning, you should consider planning with multiple markets in mind, such as Japan + ASEAN or Japan + North America.

Let’s have a clear position of ourselves in conducting a music business based on a sophisticated mature market.


Countries Ordered by Populatin in 2020

URL https://www.populationpyramid.net/population-size-per-country/2020/


Poplar Music in East Asia

The article is about popular music in East Asia including J-pop, K-pop, and C-pop.

First, J-pop (an abbreviation of Japanese pop) is a word that refers to popular music produced in Japan, since about 1993 after the word and concept were born around 1989. It becomes one of the genres of songs sung by young people.

Next, K-pop is a concept called “Korean pops” at the end of the 1980s, mass music of Korea. From the late 1980s, it was affected by the fact that the word “J-pop” began to be used in popular music in Japan.
From around the late 1990’s, the term “K-pop” was used by Japanese media to refer to Korean popular music as a comparative term in Japan.

Lastly, generally speaking, the popular music of Grater China is called C-pop. Many are sung in Mandarin and Cantonese. Many Mandarin (Taiwanese) are from Taiwan, and in Singapore and Malaysia it is not as much as English or Malay but it is sung. Many Cantonese originate from Hong Kong. (Hong Kong Pops) In recent years, Hong Kong artists who are conscious of the continent (People’s Republic of China, PRC) market and sing even in Mandarin is increasing.