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How to write a blog


As I advise you,

① Write with a proper awareness of the reader, not self-satisfaction.

② There is no rule in the blog that this must be done.

③ Basically, “write what you like as you like”.

However, if you want to get some support or criticism from the public for good or bad, it is to write with the reader in mind and recognize that they will read.

And above all, it’s fine to update little by little and continue anyway.

Continuation is power.

About the blog



A blog has the meaning of extending an individual’s home page, but on the other hand, it has the important mission of transmitting small content to a wide variety of people.

And since bloggers have to take responsibility for their opinions, they can’t write anything foolish. That’s where an anonymous comment is different.

If you write something foolish, everyone won’t let you survive. In order to survive, you must study properly and argue or fix it.

Bloggers cannot survive unless written responsibly. Now that we have the world of blogging, anyone can easily argue. This is the media revolution.

The mass media also had to take a more serious attitude in reporting and reporting. In other words, falsification, falsehood, expanded interpretation, simple mistakes, etc. will be gradually reduced from the mass media.

Therefore, it can be said that the blog is becoming an environment that transforms into a healthier mass media.

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Blog Trap


Observe about blogs that are very popular on the Internet. Basically, blogs should be free to write anything, but of course the reality is not. I have to worry about my eyes. That is completely different from the traditional diary.

Actually no one may have read it. There are many people who will write blogs (assuming the possibility is so high) but assuming a large number of virtual readers (in delusion that their actions are being watched). There are occasional sentences where such psychology appears well. If you keep calm and observe it, it looks like you are drunk and have high tension.

Originally, my time is for myself. You should be free to do what you do.

However, when it comes to writing a blog everyday, I look for things in my life to be able to write a blog. People are looking for amazing things. I’m trying to find something that can be shown to a person by taking a picture. For example, choose something that you think carefully over a year, something that you can’t create for a decade, and not a big problem or a masterpiece like that, choose a near-term action that results in one day today it becomes.

It will be easy to spend every day on blogs without knowing or knowing.

This is nothing more than “domination”. There is a risk of making one’s own possibility small, bothered by people’s eyes and chased by daily reports. You should be careful enough.

Such people may wish to rest for a month or so for a trial. Just because you don’t show it to people changes what you choose.

If you don’t show it to anyone, don’t talk to anyone, what would you choose? Can you choose for yourself? You should think of what you really want, what you really like. When you buy things, when you choose, you’ll find out what other people think, at least you’ll notice that it’s the majority.

Although it can not be helped to some extent, if you care about the eyes of others, it will someday become empty. What are you living for? Not for others, is it not for yourself?