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What is Indies?

Indies is a single-man record company that produces music independently of a record company. 

How should we define “indices”? Generally, it is said that “indie” will be “Independent” = abbreviation of independence. So, what are you going to be “independent” from? As far as the music industry is concerned, people who pursue free music are collectively called “indies” to pursue freedom of music and independence of music creation. In other words, think of producing music independently from a record company. To put it more simply, it is a self-produced CD, which means making a CD at your own expense. At so-called major record companies, at record companies, record companies support artists in many ways.

For example, a recording company pays for the recording cost, which is said to be 10,000 dollars per song, and it asks various composers and lyricians to create music. Of course, we will prepare recording studios and engineers, as well as the instruments and amps used by artists, and ask jacket designers for professional design. Then, the record company distributes the produced CD to the CD shop and backs up sales promotion for fans. There are times when it is not possible to measure the merits of selling CDs at majors, as they can tie up with commercials and broadcast advertisements.

On the other hand, when selling CDs on indies labels, of course, there is no such support. Indies is just a form of business, not a genre of music. In other words. You don’t belong to a major record company with indies, but you can think of it as a label that produces, distributes, and collects all the sound source. It can be said that “a record company that even one person can do”.

Just because it’s indies doesn’t mean that the level of music itself is low, nor does it fall into the category of indies because it’s generally unacceptable music. For example, even if it is enka or a children song , it can be said that it is indies if the business form is “independent” that has drawn a line with the major. It may be called a minor label with respect to major labels, but a minor label is a small record company, and the form of indies originally existed in the United States. Because the United States has a large land area, there are indie labels in each area, such as only a specific town or only a state, and it was common sense to first release records from such a label. Then, when local radio and FM stations were streamed and hit, so-called major labels jumped up and became a system to be released nationwide.

In this way, in the United States, most of the companies have record companies in each area, and the form of “indies” has been accepted as a matter of course.


The launch of Hideout Records

Hideout Records

Yasuharu Nagura’s office is thrilled to unveil Hideout Records, a record label that was founded in 2018 to showcase the publishing and recording efforts of Yasuharu Nagura.

You can find us on our official website as well as on popular social media platforms like facebook, instagram, and twitter. We invite you to check us out and join us on this exciting journey of music-making and discovery!