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People have their way of winning


“How to win” depends on the person.

What will be a “win”, what kind of result will be a win, and this will all depend on the person.

In simple terms, a greedy person can’t wait until he wins a big. Unattended people are happy with a draw.

Then, it becomes a question of how to live.

People who are happy with a draw can go at their own pace without throwing out their lives.

But if you don’t win big, you’ll be dissatisfied or grudge at others with just a little loss.

Which one keeps happiness when it is considered as a matter of life.


3 ways of thinking about life planning


Why don’t you think from these three perspectives when designing your life?

● What do you want to do?

What do you want to do most? It is necessary to think carefully about this. If you have something to do, it’s the happiest thing to do. Also, because of that, we can do our best without any effort.

● What is right for me?

It is also important to accurately judge your ability aptitude and think in what direction in the future you can maximize your ability. There is nothing more painful and unfortunate than doing something that is not for you. Therefore, it is important to think about what is the best way to utilize yourself.

● What should I do?

What is the most sought after society today? It is also necessary to think about it. Anticipating the needs of the times can create new business opportunities. Also, parents’ hopes cannot be ignored. In some cases, you may have to take over the work of your home.

All of these three ideas are important. An idealistic person might only think about the third, but it’s common that if you go after what you’re interested in, it will benefit you as well.