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Living means being asked and answering


Take responsibility for your own life.

So life now seems to be imposed, not given.

Living is always a task assigned.

It is clear that the more difficult it is to live, the more meaningful it can be.


The weight of one-off life


What gives life an impotant meaning is that life in this world is only once, that our life is irreversible, and that the act of making life fulfilled also makes it live. All actions that you do not have to be redone.

But it’s not just that each person’s life is a one-time thing. The fact that one day, one hour, one hour, and one moment at a time only gives great weight to our lives.

Achieve a meaningful life in distress


We can make life meaningful in many ways. By acting, loving, and finally suffering.

By suffering, you mean how you behave and behave in the face of various life possibilities, even if they are constrained and you are unable to realize value through action and love.

Or how to take the pain of being constrained, in all of these ways, we can still deliver value.

Experience makes life meaningful


Activities are not the only things that can make life meaningful.

Not only as an acting being, but also as a loving one, by loving and devoting beautiful things, great things, and good things, we can meet the various needs of our lives.

There is no need to explain the fact that beauty experiences can make life meaningful.

Make life meaningful in your spare time


Occupational work is not the only place where activities can make your life meaningful. Is it true that only professional work makes life meaningful?

The work of many people can be mechanical as well as pointless.

They lament and complain about the pointlessness of their labor. No wonder.

Only in the leisure time of an insignificant amount, the lives of these people are formed into meaningful things and filled with individual and human meanings.

Those who have abundant leisure have a great opportunity to make their lives meaningful.

Answer the questions that life poses


It is wrong from the beginning that we ask, “Is it meaningful to live?” We should not ask what it means to live. It’s because life asks and raises our questions.

We are being questioned.

We must answer the questions that life always asks, the questions of life. It is the existence that must answer. Living itself is nothing but a question.

We all live to answer. And that is to take responsibility for being alive.

Defining yourself and living makes you lose the whole thing of living.

 For example, if a musician is conscious of playing, it will not be music. For music to be music, it is an obstacle to have a human-like awkward consciousness there. It is rough to say that wonderful music itself flows. This is what we can say about living. To live is not to analyze but to live itself.

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