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Always Seeking Newness


I don’t think that reading a book  is not enough to know the new movements in the world. Information from yourself is much better.

To be inspired by yourself, it is important not to live routinely. It is better not to go through the same course at all times, even if you are going to and from the company. We tend to decide on the cheapest way or the fastest way soon. That is efficiency.

New jobs are steadily increasing. Touching those things will always be interesting to you, the only thing you don’t understand is that you’re stuck in a mold and closed your mind, like a piece of wood or a piece of machinery components.

To conclude,
① Enter a new company as much as possible.
② Be transferred to a new business as much as possible.
③ Always try to learn something new.

If you keep these things in your mind, I think it will be fun to be in the organization.