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Indies are one of global trends.

Only because you are Indies, you can freely play the music you want to do. Indies can be described as a music business with no commercial restrictions. You can focus on music without being aware of commerciality. You will not be bound by a variety of annoying contracts. In the case of major labels, you can get backup such as costs and promotion related to production, but there are various regulations including contract side. And before that, it needs to be commercially successful to some extent. In other words, you have to accept various instructions and requests from third parties for the music you want to make. A major is also a world where you can not do what you like. Because of this idea, some artists are reluctant to belong to the major, and some artists insist on indies. Conversely, some people leave from indies as a step towards becoming a major in the end. 

It is not a business priority, but the idea of “music first” is the way of thinking that forms the basis of indies. Such indies music, which is more interested in the success of self-fulfillment than commercial-based success, is becoming a global trend. There are no success rules or restrictions in the indies world. If you make the music that you want to do, and the response to it, your existence is recognized and you can achieve your own realization. First of all,  the purpose of “music” is to enjoy the sound. It goes without saying that it is desirable to be free to enjoy the sound and be unconstrained. However, when it comes to “business”, it is necessary to consider costs and benefits to pursue profits. There is no doubt that “money” is related to it. Indies are free to use any methods to make music. Therefore, it is difficult to make music as you like, and if you want to be an artist who wants to play music freely, you will not be able to play music purely. If you don’t like making such music, you have to seek an environment that is free of restrictions. It can be said that the place is “indies”.