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Main topics written in sentences


1. Personal experiences, impressions, and appeals

2. Livestock (cows, horses, pigs, dogs, cats, etc.)

3. Stories about animals

4. Family and relatives

5. A friend you know

6. Interesting personalities

7. Biography and anecdotes of famous and worshipped people

8. Stories read, heard, and seen

9. Literature, studies, ideas, and art

10. Radio and television

11. Reflections on current affairs, social issues, and politics

12. Favorite play

13. Adventure and thrill experience

14. Outdoor activities and dance

15. Games and sports

16. Movies, plays, and music

17. Family life

18. Story of Foreign Life

19. Toys, tools, favorite things, collectibles, hobbies

20. How to make something

21. Seasonal events and events

22. Suburban walks and trips

23. Fancy and Fantasy Stories

24. Childcare, health, and illness

25. Educational issues, life issues, and religions


Ethical rules of expression


You are free to write whatever you want in the text.

Freedom of speech and freedom of expression are some of the basic human rights of human beings and are also the basis for supporting democracy.

Therefore, it cannot be said that this must be written, or this should not be written. Also, since the contents vary widely, it is impossible to determine if these contents are valuable.

However, for social common sense and ethics of life, it is necessary to admit that it is not necessary to write this much, or criticism may occur that it is too much to write such a thing.

It’s no surprise that newspapers, magazines, radio, and television adhere to the ethics of expression along with freedom of expression.

And, I think that it is to keep the harmony of the expression after all.

If you are a writer, you also want to determine the ethical rules of expression as an individual.

And when you’ve finished writing something, don’t immediately send it to the other person or present it, but read it back a couple of days to get a sense of harmony in terms of expression and content.

The need to write sentences


When we try to write something, we are motivated to express our feelings and encourage others to express the same feeling, our opinions, assertions, or desires.

You will be motivated by the willingness of others to tell you what you are, or you will be motivated by the willingness of others to agree (support, agree, consent) with your thoughts. If there is nothing in those minds, there is no need to write.

The first thing you need to do when writing is that you have to feel strongly that you have to write something and make it public. The stronger you need to write, the more you can be more aggressive in the actual act of writing, even if it is more tragic.

If we were to try to write a sentence, even if we were prompted by the need from the outside, what we had to do is to change that need from outside into our own need. This is not difficult. Think about what you want the other person to feel, what you want to convey, and what you want to preach.

To do this, I usually think of my surroundings, my interests, my work and occupation, my society, and politics. Strive to have a reasonable opinion.