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The launch of Hideout Records

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 Yasuharu Nagura Office is proud to announce the launch of Hideout Records. This is a record label for Yasuharu Nagura’s publishing and recordings established in 2018. There are official websitefacebook, instagram, and twitter account. Please, feel free to access.



A car in the 1955’s

 The occurrence of gaps can be linked to human behavior to varying degrees. You want to realize it if you can, but when it is unlikely, you call it a dream.

 It was a dream for many people to have a car in the 1955’s, and if they make an effort, it is easy to link them to actions when the possibility of realization is strong. However, if the gap is not enough, you will fall into “frustration.”

 This is especially the case when the people around you are doing it.

 In economics, the phenomenon in which people want to have something else that they have from the advertising media or their real life, which leads to consumption, is called the “demonstration effect.




When you feel that a person is alive


Hand-painted photograph “Cherry blossoms in Koganei (near Tokyo)”

It is often written in a book that says “have a hobby in old age.” Having a hobby must be an important condition for a rewarding life, but something is still missing.

What is it? And when does a person have the feeling of being alive? I also hear that “it takes a lot of time for people to have a fulfilling life”.

What does “rich time” mean like here?  In other words, what is the condition for feeling “fullness”? Indeed, it is not regulated by the act of having a hobby.


Koganei City https://www.city.koganei.lg.jp/smph/kankobunka/bunkazai/sakuraayumi/koganeibasi2.html


Photography『Mt. Osiyama, Japan』(2020)

Boasting an excellent location overlooking 270 degrees, “Mineyama Fort” was set up in the Middle Ages as a slaughterhouse that connects information on Mino and Mikawa.

Also, from the Meiji era to the middle of the Showa era, it was the center of people’s hearts as a sacred place of the Ontake belief in the area.

It is the summit of a different space where the wonderful view, the breeze that always blows, and the deep history refreshes visitors.


music [Yasuharu Nagura – “Analog Ambient 808” (from “Live at Private Studio 2016)] 

p.s. Trailing Mt. Osiyama (▲777.3m) on June 29, 2020.


Photography『Nagoya, Japan』(2020)

Notable Points

Hommaru Palace is constructed in the “Shoin-zukuri” architectural style, in which the structure and design of rooms, such as the ceiling, transom windows, decorative fixtures, and partition paintings, all vary according to the room’s status and use.

Note the structural beauty of the warrior-style Shoin-zukuri, said to have been completed in the early Edo period, and the masterful technique of modern artisans that restored it.


music [Yasuharu Nagura – “Slow Movement” (from “J​.​S. Bach Sonata No. 6”)]


Photography at Mt. Osiyama, Japan (2020)

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『Mt. Osiyama Trail 』▲777.3m

 Oshiyama had a fort built from the Middle Ages and was called “Mineyama Fort”. Locally, it is called “Ontake-sama”. The Mineyama village at the trailhead is located on the mountainside with an altitude of 670m and was opened by Ota Zaemon Taro Sahiko  in the middle ages.

Thoroughly inspect


At dusk : Shooting date 6/20/2020

 Once the location of the shooting has been decided, it is indispensable for a preliminary survey. Use an internet search to check what photos are being taken in the world and inflate the image.

Sometimes I buy a book and research it to deepen my understanding of the shooting location. Then, do thorough research until you are satisfied with the information.

It is essential to keep important points in taking photographs.

Photography『By The Handa Canal』(2020)

The Handa Canal is located off the Kinuura Port. In the Edo period, this natural harbor was named “Koromogaura”. As this was a natural port, many large cago ships frequently visited.

The Brewing industry prospred in this time period and both “sake” and vineger were shipped to Edo (Tokyo) through the Handa Canal.

“Sake lees vinegar”, made from “sake lees” was first created and produced from this area, which became an essential ingredient for Edo style sushi.


music [Yasuharu Nagura – “ambient lunar land” (from “The Market Had A One Bad Blip”)]