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The launch of Hideout Records

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 Yasuharu Nagura Office is proud to announce the launch of Hideout Records. This is a record label for Yasuharu Nagura’s publishing and recordings established in 2018. There are official websitefacebook, instagram, and twitter account. Please, feel free to access.

Photography in Tokushima, Japan (2023)

The Days Goes By

Under the moon, the galaxy flows.

Our memories flow.

I remember. The events of days gone by.

The sun is setting. Illumination begins to shine.

The months and days pass. Time flows.

The sunsets. A gust of wind blows.

Like the flowing stars, the memories die and go.

The wind also dies and dies.

The sunsets. The rain stops.

The months and days pass. She will not return.

The sun leaves. The moon goes.

The memories that have passed.

And old loves. They will not return.

Under the moon, the galaxy flows.

The sun has set. I hear a child’s voice.

The months and days pass. I am alone.

p.s. The photos were taken on January 1, 2023.


Japanese https://note.com/yasuharunagura/n/n063df051f3e7