A Message From A Listener

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The following message was sent to me through the contact form on my Bandcamp page.

 Hello Mr. Nagura,

i am a big fan of your creative work and i started creating music myself so i did a Remix of your Track “A Buddy From Rio”. You can find it on Soundcloud. If you dont like it and want it removed, just let me know.


Yasuharu Nagura – A Buddy From Rio (Serge Remix) by Serge



p.s. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your efforts toward this project.

Currently, there are four unreleased sound sources.

New Album “The Recovery of Soul Life” (2018)


Yasuharu Nagura has performed a new live recording entitled 『The Recovery of Soul Life』that is released May 6, 2018. He performed “the recovery of soul life” on analog moduler synthesizer.

The concept of album is to restore the life of the soul. It is not special. It is to restore the feeling of joy and sadness in daily life, such as village festivals and dedication to deceased people. It is to recognize that the street trees flying at equal intervals are olive trees growing gently.

People do not know what they want. Everyone is moving around because they do not like where they are. Everyone is asleep or yawing on a running train. Children only know what they are looking for and they are lucky. People are not sure what they are seeking because they are corrupted by the culture of ready-made goods and the culture of standarized goods. People can be truly satisified by showing their creative abilities. “Emergence!”


released May 6, 2018

Written, performed, and recorded by Yasuharu Nagura

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New Album “J​.​S. Bach Sonata No. 6” (2018)



Yasuharu Nagura has performed a new live recording entitled 『J.S. Bach Sonata No. 6』that is released April 1, 2018. Yasuharu Nagura performed『J.S. Bach Sonata No. 6』on alto saxophone with piano accompaniment. The music is composed by J. S. Bach. This edition of 6th Sonata was arranged for alto saxophone in E flat and piano by Marcel Mule.


releases April 1, 2018

performed by Yasuharu Nagura on alto saxophone

©2018 Hideout Records All Rights Reserved


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“Tranquil Restration in Thailand” (2018)


Reprinting from yasuharu nagura

Album: Tranquil Restration in Thailand Year: 2018
Genre: Electronic/Dance
Country: Japan
Track list:
1. Excursion by Tuk Tuk(0:00)
2. Elephant Intoxication(3:36)
3. Beyond the Squall in Patong(7:21)
4. Phuket Night (10:42)

5. Mythology of Buddhism (13:58)

Happy New Year & New Album Release

“Tin Hau Trap “

by Yasuharu Nagura

URL https://yasuharunagura.bandcamp.com/album/tin-hau-trap


Yasuharu Nagura has written and recorded the 4th studio album entitled “Tin Hau Trap” releases January 1, 2018. The music is mostly inspired in Hong Kong.


releases January 1, 2018

Written, performed, and recorded by Yasuharu Nagura

©2018 Hideout Records All Rights Reserved


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Defining yourself and living makes you lose the whole thing of living.

For example, if a musician is conscious of playing, it will not be music. In order for music to be music, it is an obstacle to have a human-like awkward consciousness there. It is roughly says that wonderful music itself flows. This is what we can say about living. To live is not to analyze but to live itself.

New Arribals on iTunes : Skestches of Barcelona -EP


New Arrivals on Amazon : Sketches of Barcelona







Philosophical Consideration about Sound and Music

     First of all, the essence of the word is voice. The essence of voice is to be heard. Voices are made by listening. On the other hand, it is sound that is not heard.
     There is a problem that Berklee, a philosopher of an Irish religionist, had been thinking for a long time. The tree that fell in the forest is a problem of whether it sounded. The answer is “There was no sound”. In short, unless you hear a sound, it is not a sound. It is merely sound waves or vibration of air. If there were no people to listen to, it is no longer a sound. In other words, music that is not heard has no meaning. It is not meaningful, it does not even sound, much less music.

New Album “Sketches of Barcelona”

Sketches of Barcelona

by Yasuharu Nagura

URL https://yasuharunagura.bandcamp.com/album/sketches-of-barcelona


Yasuharu Nagura has written and recorded the 3rd studio album entitled “Sketches of Barcelona” that is released on December 1, 2017.


releases December 1, 2017

Written, performed, and recorded by Yasuharu Nagura

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