What is object-oriented programming?


 Object-oriented programming is a programming technique in which a set of program functions called “objects” compose a program while sending messages to each other.

 Each object independently has its own values ​​and processing instructions. Each object can be thought of as a small program module. The basic idea of ​​object orientation is to construct a large program by sending messages between these small modules.

What is a framework?


What do you do when you encounter any difficulties? Would you like to organize the problem and work from scratch to solve it? There will of course be such an approach. However, it is not a very efficient method.

Most problems have some similar precedents and solutions by ancestors. And by using the wisdom of those ancestors, the problem can be solved more smoothly and without oversight (although not all problems can be solved).

Such wisdom of ancestors is sometimes called “examples” at first, but it is called a framework when it is more categorized, organized and accumulated. It can be said that the framework is a framework that generalizes the problem and puts together a fixed set of solutions.

For example, a management framework means an analysis of the current state of the company, an analysis of the direction to be advanced, a guideline for analyzing the profit structure in the industry, and a basic theory.

 The five-force analysis that analyzes the industry structure by dividing it into five competitive factors and the SWOT analysis that tries to analyze the company from internal / external factors are famous.

 You can think of a framework as a formula in mathematics. However, the difference from mathematics is that the answer is not always one.

 Depending on the framework used, the answers (conclusions) that can be obtained may differ, and in the first place the framework should be used properly depending on the situation and surrounding environment.


“Content” rated most by Google


What is the “content” that Google values ​​most?

It is a group of information constructed as a result of continuing to disseminate information on a single theme or specialized field. There are strict questions about the consistency of themes, and the continual dissemination over a long time frame.

“Seriously accumulated content” can be called an excellent group of information with one clear theme. The information group is valuable content from the perspective of the user seeking it, and at the same time, the Google side should regard it as the most deserving information as a rich and unique content based on a specific theme.

“Building rich and unique content” is the strongest search engine measure (SEO).

Social Media: Twitter

twitter-1795652_1920  Twitter can post personal tweets within 140 characters, but basically the content of these tweets is not reflected in search engine search results. It will not help to increase the exposure above.

 If you’re spending time, shifting this time to other social media will be the fastest way to success.

Social Media : Facebook

social-media-763731_1920 Facebook is currently said to have over 1 billion users worldwide, how do you use it?

 It is a fact that many Facebook users are not so conscious of, but the content posted on their personal wall (the personal writing part on Facebook) is not reflected in the search order of search engines such as Google and Yahoo !.

 In Facebook, only the title of the Facebook page (dispatch of information page for companies that can be established within Facebook) is basically reflected in search engines such as Google.

 Personal wall posts that you post are not usually reflected in search engines, and enthusiastic use on Facebook doesn’t unfortunately lead to an increase in the amount of information sent.


What is live coding?

Yasuharu Nagura – “harcèlement moral” (from “The Recovery of Soul Life”) MV 

 The term live coding is ambiguous in terms of the recipient’s background and the context in which the term is used. For example, in a study session or lecture on programming, we often describe “live coding” to explain while actually coding on the spot. Live coding demonstrations are being held at study sessions on various themes such as web front-end development, machine learning, and visualization.

 However, this blog specifies the term live coding in a narrower sense. It is not just a demonstration of programming, but a kind of performing art that expresses the act of improvising coding with the program running. In many cases, sound and video are output.

 Live coding as performing art is not yet well known in its genre. However, it is a very reassuring and exciting form of expression that is in the process of making history as it is now in progress, as various artists and various artists in the world pioneered various methods and techniques.

Accounting and management

ledger-1428230_1920 Any manager wants to make a profit, but many managers think that the cost will naturally increase if they try to increase sales. This is the so-called common sense of management.

 However, if the starting point of management is to “maximize sales and minimize expenses”, instead of increasing expenses while increasing sales, expenses should be the same or reduced if possible. That management makes the most sense.

 Reducing costs while increasing sales is not an easy task to achieve. This requires wisdom, ingenuity, and effort. Profit is only the result.

Music and sound effects


If you use music for commercials, you need to answer the following questions:

・Will the music help increase the power of the commercials?

Isn’t it okay with just words?

In other words, it is better not to use music unnecessarily. The role of music is the separation and background of commercials, develops commercial scenes and emphasizes sales points. This is also true for sound effects. In other words, it is important to use sound effects that have some meaning.

 Sound effects can be broadly divided into natural sounds and artificial sounds. Natural sounds are literally natural sounds that can be used as they are if the product produces sound. Of course, you can also use natural sounds to set the scene.

Do what I should do


 If you want to live your ideal life, a life that suits you, you must learn how to overcome fear. Fear is the dream’s only and greatest enemy, and more than anything else has prevented us from realizing our dreams. Because of fear, people are unable to take the necessary and successful actions and get stuck on the spot.

 Anyway, you have to go through fear and take action.

 One way to do this is to believe that if you do what you do, everything will work. Note that I used the phrase “what I should do”. There is always something you can do in any situation, and we have to do it.

 Do what you need to do. Then everything will work.

Act until you get the result you want

paper-3211179_1920 To overcome the fear of failure, take action, examine the results, and improve your actions until you get the results you want.

 You can get the results you want by carefully examining the results of your actions and focusing more on the methods that work out of the way. This is a health, diet and relationship issue that starts your own business

 Act anyway, throw away the ones that don’t work, and find the ones that work.