The Declaration of Independence of Catalonia and its Site Confirmation (October, 2017)




 まずカタルーニャ州のゴシック地区で独立宣言運動の活動で、たくさんの人々が行進していたので、10月26日(木)に現場を確認した。参加している人々は若い人が多かった。州警察と街の警察が彼らの末尾で車で警備をしていた。ヘリコプターは2機、街の上空を飛んでいた。近頃、国内でも警察や市民の暴動のやりとりがニュースやメディアで取り上げられている。ニュースやメディアで取り上げられているのは、街の人々と警察の暴動やりとりの一部であり、少し過激に報道しているように思える。実際は、街全体、外国人観光客が多く活気に溢れていて、デモ運動で危ないといったことはなかった。デモ行進では、若者が州の旗を背中に巻いたり、掲げたりして、”Catalonia, Libera.” “カタルーニャ、独立”とのワードをよく耳にした。運良く、暴動はなかったが、一部の参加者はダンスや歌ったりしていて、メディアで見た警察と市民の暴動のやりとりのイメージと違い穏やかに見えた。

The Declaration of Independence of Catalonia and its Site Confirmation

 First of all,  many people were marching in the activity of the Independent Declaration Movement in the Gothic district of Catalonia. I confirmed its site on Thursday, October 26. There were a lot of young people participating. State police and town police were guarding with cars at the end of them. Two helicopters were flying over the city. Recently, the interactions of the police and civil riots have been picked up in the news and the media even in the country where I live. The news and media seems to report a part of the extreme interaction between the police and people in the city. I feel the media is reporting a bit extremely. Actually, the whole city was lively and there were full of foreign tourists. There was never any danger in the due to demonstration. In the demonstration march, young people frequently said the word “Catalonia, Libera.” and wrapped around the state flag on the back. Luckily, there was no riot. Some participants were dancing and singing. It looked calm and unlike the image of the violence seen between police and civil in the media.

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