The possibility of playlist promotion


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Yasuharu Nagura on AWA

 We’ve always seen streaming services increasing the chances for music to be active in communication. In Europe and America, streaming hits have already come out. Playlist promotion will become one of the mainstream in Japan as it spreads artists and songs. Speaking of playlists in the sense of the Japanese, it may often be a kind of compilation album with about 10 to 20 songs. However, the playlist by sportify is completely different from that. It may be easier to understand if you imagine a bunch of songs as a block. The popular playlist has over 100 songs. It does not mean that there is no order. The flow is unconscious. It is an image that seems to be arranged in order of popularity. Can you create your own playlist that covers the J-Pop fans in “Sportify”? That problem setting is correct. AWA and LINE MUSIC that began in Japan. They also sell playlists.