How a computer works

patrick-lindenberg-191841-unsplash.jpg I will explain the basic structure of a computer.

 Today’s computers are made up of three components.

 It is “CPU”, “memory”, “I / O”.

 A computer consists of three parts: a central processing unit, a CPU for short, a main device called a memory, and I / O for input and output.

 Connecting these is called a bus or main bus.

 Connect to a keyboard or display through I / O, read information input from I / O by CPU, write information into memory as appropriate and read contents of memory, and display through I / O to do.

 This is the basic mechanism of computers, and these types of computers are called “Neumann computers”.

 The computers used in the world today are usually all Neumann computers.

 The so-called Neumann type is derived from the name of the first mathematician, Von Neumann, who has been the first computer theorist in history.