Energy that enthusiasm wanders the other

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Even if you don’t have money or connections, deepening human relationships will lead you someday.

It’s your enthusiasm to be a stronger ally to market your label and work that you have created yourself. If you have scarce funds and do not know how, you may say that only enthusiasm remains.

The enthusiasm motivates oneself and has the power to overcome high walls. If you have a strong conviction and passion that you want to put the music you made into the world and want to express yourself in the music, your motivation will be enhanced, your confidence will be enhanced, and it will be communicated to the other party.

When meeting the people in charge of the existing label, it is important to express the love you have for your music. Even if you don’t have the money, you don’t have to have business connections. The other party also likes music, so you should be able to stand and talk on the same floor.

You may receive various questions from the other person, but at that time it is about answering honestly, without looking good. For example, you may be asked about the number of performances and the number of mobilizations, but  it is the stupidity that you can listen to the number of live you have never done before. Some exaggeration may be necessary to attract the other’s interest, but if a lie lies later, the credit will fall off and it will not be a deal.

Because the industry is narrow, rumors such as “I can’t trust that indie label” quickly spread, and you can’t sell to other existing labels. Rather than giving an overturned answer or giving an over-expression to show you well, what you don’t know is to say “don’t know” and to convey that clearly if you do not have a track record such as live. You can just throw away the ridiculous pride and honestly talk about your own music or how you want to develop your label in the future.

For example, if you hide the lack of sales results, and appeal only the “merits” part, the other party will not be convinced, and the skin of the ghost will come off immediately even if the description is fine. The other person is sensitive to whether the person being marketed is talking seriously. The other party feels “OK” when it shows that they are serious about working on the music business.

If the person in charge of the other party feels that “I hear something merits, but I can not understand something,” the deal will not be complete.

The enthusiasm of the selling side and the way of explanation strike the other’s mind. Ofcourse, you should be passionate about making music, and these negotiations are commonplace. Rather, it can be said that every day is a series of negotiations.

Since business is something that people do, we need to value the relationship between people. Be sidelined with ad hoc liars and start trading always get hurt somewhere.
Business consists entirely of “trust” between people and is based on the principles of good faith, honesty, and trust. In the end, know that there is no way to make your business a success except to talk about the facts.