The purpose of life is freedom


From the conclusion, I think that “the purpose of life is free.” I live to gain freedom or to build freedom. At least now, I am thinking so seriously.

First of all, you will need to explain a little about what freedom is.

The freedom I think may be somewhat different in nuance from what ordinary people think. For example, ordinary people say, “Children are free”, and “animals are free.” On the contrary, I do not think that children are lame and that animals are never free.

Freedom is “to be what you want.” In order to be free, you must first “think”. Next, you feel the satisfaction of doing “action” or “thinking” as you thought, and as a result “I was able to do what I thought”. That feeling is “freedom.”

Children “think” that they wanted to do this, but they usually do not. Some adults limit it as “not good”, but often they do not act because of their lack of physical ability. So, although they have the feeling “I want to be free to do this,” more than adults, children are not free. To be clear, it is inconvenient.

The same is true for animals, and I can only observe pets, but when they are a baby they want to be quite free. They try to do various reckless things. However, if they grow up and become a full-bodied, they will not be reckless because it is because they can sort out. Other than to live, there is hardly anything that challenges new objects. When we give new toys, they only show interest when they are young. Wild animals look for food when they are hungry, and they may live in fear of the enemy. Sometimes they have time to rest and sleep, but I don’t think they are thinking about what they want to do and they are not challenging.

After all, it may be said that most of their lives are to avoid the enemy’s eyes and search for food. There is no freedom and adventure somewhere. They take a fixed action every day. And it’s because I’m a human being that looks at animals like this, and I do not feel that animals are lame in the first place. Because only human beings are free creatures, we do this thinking.