When invited to an event live

First, let’s see how it behaves when invited to an event live. As it is “the key to ascent”, you must  take care not to fail.

Once you have an offer to live the event, you will first check the schedule.

No matter how nice the invitation is, you can not participate unless the schedule is open. Also, check the schedule before and after as well as the day. If there are important shows before and after, it may be tough for the artist’s schedule, and it is better to refrain from participating in the event to avoid diversifying the audience.

Also, although you are free, you need to write a lot of songs during that period, and if you have to concentrate on production, you’re going to get it out, but you can’t get it out. In other words, if you want to gain more live experience with new artists, or if you want to perform new songs with a certain artist, or want to spread it in a live location, you will naturally receive an offer. The point is not only the schedule but also the situation and the timing of the artist is related to the schedule.

You also need to consider the merits and demerits of the appearance of the event.

Events that come in a lot of people, events with artists who are popular with co-stars, events with brand power, etc. have advertising effects and promotion effects when they come out. Also, by participating in such an event, you can expect the artist to look better.

Another is the merit of money. It is a part that “If you go to the event, you will earn money”, such as a good gallery, product sales are very likely to be sold, and chargeback can be expected. In the case of a goal, we may say something like “sales”. If you are a reasonably popular artist, you may decide to participate in the event as it is purely profitable, not with or without promotional effects.

Besides that, we need to think about relationships. You do not want to refuse if it is an invitation from the indebted person, and it may be possible that there will be good things if it goes out to the event. There are people in the scene and music industry who are said to be key persons, and if you are inviting from there, it is better to perform. With such a relationship, whether it is positive or backward will change.

If the timing or conditions, etc. match and perform, it is good with “by all means!”, But if you refuse, the other party will be disappoint. Therefore, it is necessary to consider how to decline carefully.

It is good to say something like “This time did not meet the timing, but please invite me again. Next time please!” It is a kind of word. The Music business is related to timing. Even if you think that “the merits of this event are not for me”, if the timing changes, the merits/demerits will also change. In such a flow, it may be time to meet what each other is seeking. To be honest, you have a clear idea that you do not feel the merit of appearance, but it is my idea that it is better not to ruin the relationship that may come over sometime.

The music scene is established by the relationship between people and people, so I would like to cherish the horizontal connection and get a chance.