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Accounting and management

ledger-1428230_1920 Any manager wants to make a profit, but many managers think that the cost will naturally increase if they try to increase sales. This is the so-called common sense of management.

 However, if the starting point of management is to “maximize sales and minimize expenses”, instead of increasing expenses while increasing sales, expenses should be the same or reduced if possible. That management makes the most sense.

 Reducing costs while increasing sales is not an easy task to achieve. This requires wisdom, ingenuity, and effort. Profit is only the result.


Music and sound effects


If you use music for commercials, you need to answer the following questions:

・Will the music help increase the power of the commercials?

Isn’t it okay with just words?

In other words, it is better not to use music unnecessarily. The role of music is the separation and background of commercials, develops commercial scenes and emphasizes sales points. This is also true for sound effects. In other words, it is important to use sound effects that have some meaning.

 Sound effects can be broadly divided into natural sounds and artificial sounds. Natural sounds are literally natural sounds that can be used as they are if the product produces sound. Of course, you can also use natural sounds to set the scene.

Do what I should do


 If you want to live your ideal life, a life that suits you, you must learn how to overcome fear. Fear is the dream’s only and greatest enemy, and more than anything else has prevented us from realizing our dreams. Because of fear, people are unable to take the necessary and successful actions and get stuck on the spot.

 Anyway, you have to go through fear and take action.

 One way to do this is to believe that if you do what you do, everything will work. Note that I used the phrase “what I should do”. There is always something you can do in any situation, and we have to do it.

 Do what you need to do. Then everything will work.

Act until you get the result you want

paper-3211179_1920 To overcome the fear of failure, take action, examine the results, and improve your actions until you get the results you want.

 You can get the results you want by carefully examining the results of your actions and focusing more on the methods that work out of the way. This is a health, diet and relationship issue that starts your own business.

 Act anyway, throw away the ones that don’t work, and find the ones that work.

Take a risk

michal-parzuchowski-GikVY_KS9vQ-unsplash Humans originally have only two fears. They are fear of loud sounds and fear of falling. All other fears are acquired, not inborn.

 We grow up with fear and learn to avoid new things. We always think about maintaining the status quo. The fear of failure is the reason why adults are afraid to try new things.

 If you do not take a risk, you will never fail. But unfortunately, you can’t succeed without risk. In order to make the most of your potential, there are times when you must take a risk. To live your ideal life, you have to deal with fear and take action to overcome it.

Meaning and effect of markup


Markup is the process of adding tags (marks) to text in a document.

■Description to correctly interpret the text

 Markup is not just for recognizing text data as HTML. By giving correct meaning to flat text, you can convey appropriate information regardless of human or machine. Markup is not a technique, it is a description that allows the text to be interpreted correctly, such as what role the text should be and how it should be read.

 Various people use the Internet. For example, even if you are blind, if the correct markup is performed, the contents of the web page can be understood without problems by the system for reading sentence aloud.

■Also affects search results

 In addition, search engines such as Google and Yahoo! interpret the marked-up text to determine the content and important themes of the page. As a result, when a user performs a search, the order of search results is also affected.

Properly marked up HTML documents can be easily understood without special design or layout. In other words, to mark up correctly is to write high-quality HTML. Blog writers should  be able to write this correct HTML.

The Relationship between SEO and HTML

merakist-l5if0iQfV4c-unsplash.jpg SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a term used when aiming for a higher rank in the ranking of the displayed ranking when a search engine such as Google or Yahoo! is used.

 Although it is often treated as a technique for high-level display, the original meaning is to “optimize content for search engines”. The role of the search engine is to match the user’s needs (search) with the desired information (web page).

 By posting correct markup that is easy for search engines to understand and high-quality information, SEO can be expected to be effective.


History of music by computer


 Attempts to generate music on a computer have a long history. The first computer synthesized music was realized in 1950 on an Australian CSRIAC computer. Later, a series of programming languages ​​called MUSIC-N, developed by Max Mathews in 1957, became the basis for computer-generated sound synthesis. However, computers at that time did not have the ability to play music in real time. The program calculates the waveform over time, writes the result to a sound file, and then records the mixed sound over time on a tape to make the final music work. It was very time consuming.

 Only in the 1980s, by installing a board dedicated to sound processing on a computer, it will be possible to synthesize sound in real time. The ISPW board, developed and sold by IRCAM in France in the 1980s, enabled real-time sound synthesis and processing by attaching it to a NeXT computer. Computers can now process sound in real time, enabling computer-based “live electronics” that generates sound in real time and modulates the sound of live musical instruments during live performances. However, at that time, this board was very expensive and sold only a few, and it was a privilege that was only available to researchers belonging to studios and research institutions specializing in computer music, and composers requested from it.