Meaning and effect of markup


Markup is the process of adding tags (marks) to text in a document.

■Description to correctly interpret the text

 Markup is not just for recognizing text data as HTML. By giving correct meaning to flat text, you can convey appropriate information regardless of human or machine. Markup is not a technique, it is a description that allows the text to be interpreted correctly, such as what role the text should be and how it should be read.

 Various people use the Internet. For example, even if you are blind, if the correct markup is performed, the contents of the web page can be understood without problems by the system for reading sentence aloud.

■Also affects search results

 In addition, search engines such as Google and Yahoo! interpret the marked-up text to determine the content and important themes of the page. As a result, when a user performs a search, the order of search results is also affected.

Properly marked up HTML documents can be easily understood without special design or layout. In other words, to mark up correctly is to write high-quality HTML. Blog writers should  be able to write this correct HTML.