What is live coding?

Yasuharu Nagura – “harcèlement moral” (from “The Recovery of Soul Life”) MV 

 The term live coding is ambiguous in terms of the recipient’s background and the context in which the term is used. For example, in a study session or lecture on programming, we often describe “live coding” to explain while actually coding on the spot. Live coding demonstrations are being held at study sessions on various themes such as web front-end development, machine learning, and visualization.

 However, this blog specifies the term live coding in a narrower sense. It is not just a demonstration of programming, but a kind of performing art that expresses the act of improvising coding with the program running. In many cases, sound and video are output.

 Live coding as performing art is not yet well known in its genre. However, it is a very reassuring and exciting form of expression that is in the process of making history as it is now in progress, as various artists and various artists in the world pioneered various methods and techniques.