Ethical rules of expression


You are free to write whatever you want in the text.

Freedom of speech and freedom of expression are some of the basic human rights of human beings and are also the basis for supporting democracy.

Therefore, it cannot be said that this must be written, or this should not be written. Also, since the contents vary widely, it is impossible to determine if these contents are valuable.

However, for social common sense and ethics of life, it is necessary to admit that it is not necessary to write this much, or criticism may occur that it is too much to write such a thing.

It’s no surprise that newspapers, magazines, radio, and television adhere to the ethics of expression along with freedom of expression.

And, I think that it is to keep the harmony of the expression after all.

If you are a writer, you also want to determine the ethical rules of expression as an individual.

And when you’ve finished writing something, don’t immediately send it to the other person or present it, but read it back a couple of days to get a sense of harmony in terms of expression and content.